Conference Venues: 5 Tips to Find the Best Venue


  • Author Iain Roberts
  • Published December 25, 2010
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Whether you're planning a conference, a training course or another event, finding the right conference venue is essential. There are many factors to consider beyond the obvious concerns such as budget. If you're looking to host a conference, considering the following areas should help guide you to the perfect venue.

Size and Seating: A good starting point is to consider the number of delegates attending, and ensure that your chosen conference venue can comfortably accommodate that number. Another important factor is the seating layout. How do you envisage the room being laid out? Many conference facilities offer a choice of rooms with various seating plans, from large theatre-style layouts ideal for larger presentations, down to small boardroom-table plans for meeting-style conferences. Consider which layout would work best for you.

Venue Appearance: Delegates will start forming opinions from the moment they arrive, so it's essential that your venue gives the right image from the very beginning. Check the venue's website for photographs or, if possible, visit in person and take a look around. With a bit of research, you can find a stunning conference venue for a great price.

Location: Where will delegates be travelling from? Ensure your conference venue is in a convenient location. Consider how they'll be arriving too; If driving, does the venue offer adequate parking? Does the venue have good links with public transport? Bear in mind issues such as parking charges too; Does the venue offer free parking for delegates, or will you need to factor this cost into your budget?

Facilities: What will your conference need in terms of equipment and services? Look through the running order of the conference and make a note of everything that would either be essential or helpful. You may require a projector and screen for PowerPoint presentations, for example. If the conference is welcoming a large number of delegates, a microphone and sound system could be required (some venues offer roaming microphones - Useful if a speaker likes to move around). Don't forget the facilities which will enhance delegates' experience of the conference too; Air conditioning, broadband access and natural light are just three things which can make all the difference.

Accommodation: If your conference covers more than one day, or even if delegates are travelling a long distance to be there, it's a good idea to offer overnight accommodation. Don't assume that this restricts you to hotel conference venues, however. A number of conference facilities offer accommodation, so it's worth checking.

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