Finding out the four Common Mistakes during a Teleseminar or Webinar Replay Event


  • Author Wayne Huller
  • Published January 15, 2011
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Preparing for a presentation isn't always easy as many people would think. It always involves a combined expertise and effort of people who want to eliminate the situation of failed and lifeless presentations. Most of unsuccessful presentations are due to the lack of important things that should have been given value right at the very start of the event. And worst, instead of maintaining the right concept and idea, a lot of people fall into the trap of mistakes that are extremely irreversible. For your awareness, listed below are the most common mistakes of most individuals during a teleseminar or webinar..

  1. Keeping up with dry information. Some people ignore the importance of sticking with their main goal and instead of giving the participants the expected useful details; they tend to turn everything into a boring and unexciting demonstration. Remember ? people always love to hear fresh and exciting content so keep your presentation limited and interesting. A ten-minute overall discussion is already enough to make them realize your words without experiencing any lifeless moment.

  2. Surprising the participants with materials that are not familiar to them. A lot of people give their participants with resources without giving them sufficient time to examine and analyze its content. Participants do usually find every presentation interesting if they have the proper awareness of everything that you are allowing them to master and understand. It is always an advice to provide materials in advance for the participants to have time to prepare questions and come up with their own points to throw back to you.

  3. Disregarding the importance of delivering a rich and unique presentation. Outstanding presentors understand the importance of sharing the appropriate and helpful content for the success of the event. One of the most important thing you have to consider in conducting a webinar is the use of rich and valuable content. Make it powerful and a lot convincing.

  4. Using the completely wrong tools. You can survive a full-length event once you learn the use of the right tools that can satisfy everyone around. Several individuals don't apply the use of webinar processes for their event survival. If you consider the appropriate application of tools, then better learn how to apply the use of webinar replays to save much of your income.

Work together and learn the needs of your participants. Provide them helpful surveys, reports and messages to build good interaction before, during and after the actual presentation.

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