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  • Published January 30, 2011
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If you will be generating shows with a regular basis, there is actually a ton of possibility that you use a slide-based software to present your work, your strategies. Also you most likely realized that presentation slideshows are boring. Designed-in templates usually are not too creative, and when you want to do something that is certainly extremely distinctive, you'll have to operate a lot in your slideshow. Creating your presentation fairly just isn't anything you always have time for. But should you want an excellent new tool to produce much more imaginative displays in a smaller amount time, it's possible you'll desire to give Prezi a attempt.

Prezi is actually a Flash-dependent presentation resource that makes use of a single canvas instead of regular slides. Text, pictures, movies and other presentation objects are placed on an infinite canvas and grouped collectively in frames. With Prezi you are able to creat non-linear presentation, in which you might be not transforming slides, but zooming in or out from precise locations with the canvas. You may place your information in essentially infinate variations. You'll be able to define a route, which the application will observe if you happen to be showing your shows. If you're trying to find inspiration for doing your Prezi there's dozens of sample prezis on

As I pointed out Prezi is Flash-dependent wich is considered one of its greatest and considered one of its worst house also. It's good mainly because with Flash the builders could make Prezi an internet, internet-dependent tool and you can achieve your prezi from each laptop that has net connection. No issue in case you forgot your USB stick in your own home, you just log in on and you are able to open and edit your presentation. Flash can also be the worst residence simply because you'll have to have a potent laptop (with 1GB storage at minimal!)  in the event you want to get the nicest knowledge when utilizing this complex software.

It's a web-dependent application, it is possible to build, modify, open your prezis on-line, that's fantastic, but what if I'll do a presentation where there exists no world-wide-web connection? Don't fear, you can download your prezi from, all you'll need is Flash participant for the laptop in which you want to engage in it.

Prezi is utilizing the freemium unit. If you wish to use the totally free Prezi Public license, you've to publish your perform on You will discover also paid licenses: Prezi Delight in will present you non-public displays and deleted Prezi watermark and Prezi Pro will produce you Prezi Desktop, an offline prezi editor. Also there is actually a free of charge license for students and teachers wich is essentially equal to Prezi Love.

"Adam Somlai-Fischer and Peter Halacsy started working on Prezi in 2007, as they felt slides limited their ability to develop and explain ideas. Prezi was their response to solve these issues. Prezi officially launched in April 2009 from Budapest - the home town of Peter and Adam. Sunstone Capital and TED Conferences invested in Prezi in July 2009, and the San Francisco office was opened in November 2009." -

Pezi has won numerous startup awards and turned a big triumph.

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