Public Speaking Fear - what is is exactly and how can we conquer it?


  • Author John Livingston
  • Published February 26, 2011
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Many people in our daily life’s are afraid of public speaking, also known as glossophobia. And why is that? Why are people afraid, no, terrified of public speaking? Well the answer comes in various forms such as fear of failure, self doubt, vulnerability, fear of a large audience, fear of people judging you, stress, lack of preparation, don’t know how and the list can continue.

Do you know what is the number one fear of people? It’s not death, it’s speaking in front of a large audience. A survey has been made in which people admit that they would prefer to be in the loved ones coffin than tell a few words about their beloved.

Sigmund Freud said once that our every act is motivated from two directions: "our sexual appetite and our desire for greatness". An even more profound answer comes form John Dewey one of the greatest american philosophers which said that the deepest desire of human nature is that of "being important".

Everybody wants to be appreciated, wants to be viewed as an important person on different levels. What does public speaking do? Well you are in front of a large audience of tens, hundreds or thousands of people so that means that you are in the center of attention, but the fear of not being appreciated anymore generated by fear of failure makes people so afraid. It’s not that people don’t know what to say it’s that fact they are not used to what they desire the most. This desire of being important comes in many forms and ways; public speaking may be one of them.

I strongly recommend you to conquer this fear of public speaking. It’s something quite majestic to be able to talk in front of a large audience to be listened and to be applauded. It’s true that it’s a challenge even for those who do this for years. It’s not easy and sometimes can be nerve-racking but without a single doubt it’s fun doing it. Just imagine a few thousand people laugh at your joke or be amazed by your speech. It’s priceless. A very wise man said once "A life lived in fear is a life half lived".

And think of the end when you see all those people give you a round of applause and congratulate you by saying "What a great speech" or "Your presentation changed my life" or anything else.

A great step in conquering public speaking fear is understanding this core principle that everyone of us wants attention. We do this daily, we speak daily in front of people, we know how to speak, we know what to say, we are prepared. The only thing left to do is actually doing it and you will see that once you’re there and people applaud you, your confidence will rise like a rocket.

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Public Speaking Fear

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