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  • Published April 1, 2011
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Today’s modern technology allows people to work even while in transit. Email and web surfing can now be done at the palm of our hands and at our finger tips.

For instance, MailTracking an email tracking service provides a hassle-free email tracking.

It has the capability of informing you when the mail has been opened through SMS alert on your phone and on several instant messaging system like ICQ, yahoo messenger, jabber, MSN, AOL, jabber instant messenger and IRC message.

As I’ve tried it, i don’t have to worry of the notification sent to my mobile devices of getting erased because the status and history of my tracked email will always be available in my Personal Tracking Page of my account.

As a client, I would much appreciate this SMS/Instant Messaging feature included in an email tracking service which made the latter more portable.

Another amazing feature of MailTracking is its self-destruct capability. Yes, I can set my email to self-destruct at a predetermined time or when the recipient tries to copy, forward and print my sent email.

There was a time I retracted my sent email before it is read by the recipient. This is good if we want to have some changes be effected on the email before it goes to the hands of the supposed recipient.

Another feature of MailTracking which is not available in any other email tracking services, is its capability to monitor any attached documents like Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint and Adobe PDF file.

Portability is all about convenience. Here’s MailTracking convenient way of tracking your email. Just simply add on the recipients email address. For example, a tracked email to : would look like,com. No need of putting an image or web beacon into the body of your email. You may also opt to install a plug in to automatically add the tracking into the recipients address every time you shall send an email.

As a satisfied user, I can say MailTracking stands out among several email tracking services by offering several sending options. Most email tracking services offer "return receipt" back to the sender once the email gets read by the recipient. MailTracking does more than that by giving you several options.

These options include email certification that digitally sign your email and insert a timestamps certificate making it as court admissible evidence.

Another great option is the assurance that our mail stayed on the MailTracking server until accessed by our recipient and a ReadNotification is sent back to us.

If you want to try MailTracking like me, try its trial version to ensure it fits your need.

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He is an electronic technology graduate but landed on journalism works since 1987. He worked for both radio and TV most of his media career.

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