The Hydrolyze Scam: A Fabrication


  • Author Victor Ramsey
  • Published May 2, 2011
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A rumor has been going around that Hydrolyze is a scam, but Hydrolyze reviews and the words of real consumers show that Hydrolyze really works. The following reviews were submitted by real people, just like you, who have used Hydrolyze and sent in details about their experiences to help people see past the rumors of a Hydrolyze scam and start using this life-changing product today!

"I ordered the free 30 day trial of Hydrolyze when I heard the advertisement for the product on the radio. I have fairly noticeable dark circles. I am 32, and have nice skin, but my dark circles can make me appear tired and worn down, especially without make up. When I used Hydrolyze for a few weeks, I started getting random compliments from my co-workers. I also noticed that upon meeting new people, they were very shocked to hear I was 32. I loved watching my dark circles disappear, and the overall texture and tone of my skin improved. Hydrolyze is the only eye product I have ever used that really made a difference in my eye cream. My whole life has taken a turn for the better, I feel and look better. I can honestly say that of all the money I've spent on high dollar skin creams, this is the only one that's done anything. I have been using Hydrolyze for about 5 months. I love this product and highly recommend it"-- Terra S.

"I ordered the Hydrolyze product after seeing an ad in our Sunday paper and thought why not give it a try? I have had dark circles and puffiness under my eyes for literally years, and people have commented how tired I look. After using this product for over 2 months now, I can say that the circles are not as dark (they are not gone completely), and the lines around my eyes are lessened and skin looks smoother! I feel that with continued use, my skin will appear better and better. I will be 48 years old in one week, and am glad that there are alternatives to plastic surgery to help those of us that don't wish to go that route in order to appear younger and more confident!"-- Alisa S.

"I have been using Hydrolyze for about 6 weeks and am amazed at the lightning of the dark circles under my eyes. The woman who does my facials even commented. At 58 I have very few lines but the dark circles made me look tired! I'm glad I ordered 4 jars with my initial order!"-- Barb P.

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