The So-Called "Panda Research Scam"


  • Author Greg Peters
  • Published May 15, 2011
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How many e-mails do you open daily? Imagine if you got paid 3 to 5 cents for every e-mail you read; you’re probably imagining yourself rich. In addition, imagine you also get paid $3 to $75 for telling someone your opinion. What if I told you that one affiliate marketing site could make that dream come true? Well Panda Research can. Panda Research is an online affiliate company that stands above the other companies including Vindale, Cash Crate and Treasure Trooper. Believe me, I’ve tried them all but never have had an experience quite like the one I had with Panda Research. I quickly learned the Panda Research scam was made up by people who were burned by other affiliate companies like the ones I listed above.

Panda research is perfect for students, stay at-home moms/dads or anyone just looking to make some extra cash from home. I can choose to either supplement my income with Panda Research or use it as leverage to my current earnings. "I’m a stay at-home mom and I’m always chasing my kids around the house like crazy. I never thought I’d be able to add to my husband’s income by working from home. When I put the kids down for their nap I can easily make an extra $50. That adds up pretty quick, especially if I do another couple surveys once they go to bed. Thanks Panda Research!," says Natalie Stewart of Detroit. Now does that sound like a Panda Research scam to you? Not to me.

By registering with Panda Research you will instantly gain access to their constantly updated database. Panda research will contact you from time to time (no junk e-mail) and offer you the chance to partake in web based surveys. If you choose to participate in the survey you may be rewarded with cash, product samples, and/or gift certificates targeted specifically towards you. It’s easier than ever to make money at home with

The best part is registration costs you nothing! Easily go online right now and fill out your free membership survey to start earning money today. You’ll receive your payouts promptly, on the 1st and 15th of every month. It’s such a good feeling to get a paycheck every two weeks just from working at home and making money online. I don’t believe in the Panda Research scam because it’s been proven false.

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