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  • Published May 19, 2011
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A professional email address represents and reflects the professional interests of the owner of the email. A professional email address represents that how the individuals market their services, products, skills and professional objectives. A professional email represents the meaningful information about the owner of the email address. An email address should be ambiguous. It should not be unprofessional. To make a professional email address or ambiguous email address, both parts of email address, i.e. the local element before the ‘@’ sign and the domain name after ‘@’ sign are to be considered very carefully.

Now-a-days in the Internet world 92% people have their Email IDs. These email addresses return the personal/professional attitude of the owner of the email address. By using a free web-mail account you get a label of unprofessionalism. For example the email address Janine represents the label of unprofessionalism. One can get the full knowledge of the professionalism of the person by just watching at the given contact email at the end. One has to work very hard in order to keep his business on the top in today’s competitive world. It is always necessary to make sure that you are better than your competitors. That’s because when you are online, your presence is important and people will judge accordingly whether you like it or not.

Personal branding is the process in which a person and his profession is marked as a brand. Personal branding is one of the famous trends today.

Personal branding means to build better perception of yours among others. Personal branding does not mean to build better products. That’s because when you are online, your presence is important and people will judge accordingly whether you like it or not. So it is necessary to care about other’s perception about you as a brand. The basic concept of personal branding does not mean that personal branding comes from the personal development or hard work. The success comes from the needed skills to pack your-self in the best way. Everyone should understand personal branding as the way of self promotion today. Personal branding should not be treated as buzz word. It is process by which we can market ourselves to other and this can be done not only by famous celebrities, but also by every individual online. .Your personal brand is who you are, what you do, and your leading quality in the eyes of your ideal target market. With the help of social media you can get knowledge of the tons of the people and this network will help a lot to build your brand.

To separate yourself from the rest of the crowd, create your own niche that increases your visibility and preserve your reputation. When branding yourself bear in mind that you must create a strong and reliable brand. Set up you goals and write down your mission statement along with a development plan, Your statement must tell everyone what you do and who you serve. Note down some inborn skills that match up to your personal mission. You must be precise and clear about that one particular niche that will serve your audience neatly. Highlight your personal brand message with professional marketing communications tools and do the personal branding.


For Personal Brandingand professional email address is one of the most important tool which reflects the services, products, skills and professional objectives.

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