Hersh Sandhoo: Motivational Speaker


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  • Published May 31, 2011
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When someone becomes a leader in their field it’s only naturally that they should share their stories of success. One such leader and thus, motivational speaker is Hersh Sandhoo. Sandhoo has taken the entrepreneurial industry by storm and has even kept true to his childhood values and dreams. As a martial arts enthusiast at age 12, Hersh Sandhoo has kept that passion alive by implementing it in his business plans. He also strives to teach women how to protect themselves against abusive and violent behavior, and yet again, he has implemented this into his business goals. Some would say Sandhoo has achieved complete entrepreneurial success but Hersh would argue that there’s always room to improve.

Hersh Sandhoo was asked to be a motivational speaker at the Martial Arts Millionaire Boot Camp and the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) World Conference. NAPMA is the martial arts industry’s oldest, most established trade association filled with marketing and operational experts. NAPMA is a martial arts marketing and continuing education network that supports the association of martial arts schools and clubs worldwide. It is the largest such association in the world, with members in more than 20 countries.

Additionally, Hersh Sandhoo has been asked to be a motivational speaker at Affiliate Summit West in August of 2011. Affiliate Summit was founded in 2003 for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers. Affiliate Summit asked Hersh to be a part of their event because he has over 15 years of experience in web development and marketing and specializes in business development and operations. He has also personally consulted companies worldwide, including Paramount Pictures, Comcast SportsNet and the Maryland State Department of Education.

Hersh Sandhoo has even been acknowledged for his expertise on women’s safety. WUSA Channel 9 in Washington DC recognized Hersh as one of the nation’s leading experts on women’s personal safety. To further ensure safety, Hersh has developed the Women’s Personal Safety Network (theWPSN) with co-founder Samuel Scott. The WPSN is a free online community that provides women with a variety of resources on how to remain safe, including articles and upcoming events and workshops. Together, Samuel Scott and Hersh Sandhoo have received critical acclaim from the media, law enforcement, security firms, corporations, college organizations and government agencies. They have over 50 years of combined martial arts training and have personally taught self-defense and defensive tactics to thousands of people worldwide.

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