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  • Published June 3, 2011
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A mail house can be defined as a company which specializes in preparing direct mail for delivery to the post office. These units help in obtaining solutions for all types of direct mailing marketing requisites for the business.

Till the recent past, it was feared that the popularity of electronic mail or E-mail will adversely affect direct mail services and its revenue. But several anecdotes have proved this belief wrong. E-mails are not always considered as the best way of communicating. Direct mails are increasingly considered as a supplement to email. Its popularity is on the rise in the US and is considered as the most preferred marketing vehicle.

Merits of Direct Mail Services

Message Reaches Targeted Audience: Mail houses that undertake direct mailing services help in taking the message to a specifically targeted audience. In an electronic mailing method, most of the times, the message reaches people which are not the company's target audience. In these cases, it will rest in the spam box or will be deleted immediately.

More Accessibility: Every person may not have an email address, which fails the online business promotion. On the other hand, every person has a physical address. That address can be accessed by direct mail services.

Fast and Cost-Effective: Getting direct mail pieces out is a tedious and time-taking task. The same task can be done via a mail house in a cost-effective and faster manner. The process becomes cost-effective thanks to the pre-sort discount offered by the United States Post Office (USPO). Various levels of discounts are available depending on if the mail is bundled according to their specification. If you want to do the entire mailing process at home, you will end up paying the total postage charges. Whereas the amount saved on postage will be sufficient to pay for the mail house.

Message Cannot Be Overlooked Easily: The use of physical literature helps in capturing the targeted audience's attention in a more effective way. The option to instantly delete the mail from the email box reduces consumer traffic to the particular message.

The added advantage of direct mail services by mail houses is that the services are done in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is advisable not to overlook the merits of direct mail services, which is often treated as a traditional or conventional method.

Community Mailers

If a business has decided to opt for direct mail marketing, it should first find a mailing house that will completely maximize the firm's marketing possibility.

Community Mailers & Printing is a quality mail house services provider based in Los Angeles, California. It specialises in offering a one-stop-solution for all direct mailing needs as well as direct marketing requirements. The mail house offers complete mailing and printing services.

Community Mailers assures that they can help to avoid unnecessary charges on direct mail project and reduce the normal mailing costs by 30-70 percent.

The entity has an expert sales team which designs and creates brochures only after analyzing the company's business plan. A team of researchers will assist in collating updated information about your target market and will keep your mailing list accurate and on target. The unit has a competent production team that ensures punctual delivery of the mails.

The proficient sales team will check that if the mailing list given is responsive to avoid wastage of time and money. Community Mailers also has a 24 hour customer service team that will answer all your queries. offers mail house services, custom printing, and mailing services. The company offers services at discount postage rates. Its clients range from small non-profit organizations to large corporate firms.

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