A Scam That Pays? Make Money with the Panda Research Scam


  • Author Steve Nile
  • Published June 14, 2011
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Nobody likes a scam artist, such as one of those Internet companies or conmen who promise the user untold riches in exchange for little to no work, only for the user to find that they have paid their cash for something that is a pale imitation of what was promised. If you believe the Internet rumours, the Panda Research scam was one example of this type of practice. However, on closer inspection, it is nothing of the sort.

Indeed, the very notion that there even is a Panda Research scam tends to be borne out of the frustration of somewhat naive Internet users who feel that they can spend 10 minutes on a website and expect to have a cheque for $1,000 in their account at the end of it.

The so-called Panda Research scam involves signing up with a company and then submitting your details to see if you are eligible to take part in paid surveys for a wide number of different companies. You can also participate in focus groups, voice your opinions on a particular subject or product, take surveys and review products or services. For each of these tasks, the person participating is paid in cash once they have completed the range of criteria stated to earn the money.

So, ask yourself this question, where is any evidence of any Panda Research scam in that?

Panda Research do not ask their customers for any money up front, they explain the terms and conditions of using their website clearly in the section dedicated to it, which is easily viewed from the front page of the site. They have testimonials from people, which can be clearly viewed on the front page, who have completed the research and undertaken offers and surveys with the site and received their payments as promised, twice a month, via PayPal.

The only Panda Research scam that exists is in the mind of the customers who have registered with the company with wholly unrealistic expectations of what they will have to do in order to earn the cash. No doubt many have joined up without reading the terms and conditions and without having a real understanding of what they will have to do to earn money. That is not a scam, but simply poor preparation and a lack of understanding.

Panda Research offers their registered users the chance to earn money by having their say and voicing their opinion online on a variety of subjects and products and in a variety of ways. That is not a scam, but a plain and simple fact.

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