How you can recognize fraudster ticket web-sites also where to start if you get conned


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  • Published July 21, 2011
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The ticketing marketplace has numerous unscrupulous scammers in it's midst. The fact that artists and recognized ticket vendors sell tickets so far prior to the performances, this seems to have encouraged a secondary ticket trading economy which may be legal and legitimate but unregulated. We all are witnessing increasingly made up artist/event sites endeavoring to take your money as the endorsed website. Often when the police get involved the web site concerned has disappeared and unfortunately your money taken too..

You'll find created some suggestions so that you can identify if the ticket seller is legitimate plus tactics to prevent possible hoaxes.

Tips for keeping away from ticket fraudsters

Even though the website contains the very artists' name of the performer you want to see, doesn’t make it a real official ticket source. Remember virtually anyone could buy a website.

A telephone number can be a good signal for people that really are serious about customer care, try it if you're not sure, ask them questions, for example the number of seats do they have you can buy? When could they supply? Exactly what guarantees will they offer up?

How much time has the ticket supplier been in business? Is there information on the about us or contact us page?

What number of web pages of the web site are shown in Search engines like google? Try searching with the query this gives an idea of how much time they have been around; a lot of internet pages shows that it was not made in a single day.

Take a look at the payment types offered. Should the company only offers Paypal as a payment method it's doubtful that they are a genuine company, let's be honest debit card handling costs are pricey and it is likely to be provided by companies that sell sizeable amounts of tickets. It is more of a longer term business expense.

How to proceed if you believe you've been swindled?

If you're 100% positive ring the bank or payment card company it maybe that the payment has not yet been processed and can end up being cancelled. Institutions and Credit card issuers do offer protection to prevent fraud.

For anyone who is not completely convinced have a look over at the following tests they may give you a clearer indication.

The Business Check

Check the website for a trading company name name ending with "Limited" or "Ltd" they may also include a company number that is actually unique, if its a UK business this should be clearly declared either within the bottom of the website, or on a company information webpage such as the contact us or even about us pages. By law all British businesses are registered with Companies House. Try entering the company name or number on their website to search the database. In the event that you come across a result for the company then this offers a good indicator that your ticket dealer is legitimate.

Google Query Test?

Try a couple of searches on Google for the site name you are looking for. Include in further phrases such as "scam, fake site, dodgy, ripped off". The results may give feedback of what other ticket buyers have thought of the website.

The Who:Is data test

The domain address of a website can be used to find the identity of the operator. Websites can and do opt out of this however a professional ticket firm is probably going to provide the business name listed here, or personal details of someone to contact. A reliiable site for who is checking is

How to proceed?

If you suspect you have been completely cheated stay calm, start by tactfully emailing the website support prompting them for an update on your ticket order. Give them twenty-four hours and then follow up with another email. If there is little or an unsatisfactory responses, we would suggest you get in contact with your credit card company.

If the price is too good to be true, it most probably is.

If you are looking around for soldout tickets then it is beneficial to research who you are buying with. Every single ticket provider on get individually examined, vetted to the best standard, all are legit providers in the primary and resold ticket market.

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