America's movement to Artificial Playground Surfaces


  • Author Mark Armstrong
  • Published September 13, 2011
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Arkansas's movement to Artificial

Playground Surfaces

Across Arkansas today schools, churches, community centers and private home owners are all seeking a dramatic change in the way playgrounds are being constructed. Modern technology has allowed us to create a surface that better suits not only sports but public and private playgrounds as well. Artificial playground turf is making waves in the Arkansas playground community with an exciting new safety surface that is soft, yet durable while being extremely safe playground turf is the realization of synthetic turf from sports fields technologies adapted to suit the playground industry.

National Greens leads the charge with cutting edge synthetic grass technology developed specifically for playground safety surfacing. Most surfacing companies offering turf for playgrounds are utilizing older technology & inferior fiber systems that have been proven to fail even on field applications. To handle the redundant wear and heavy traffic that occurs on a playground surface, you need a better than average safety surfacing and better than average synthetic grass fibers system. The exciting part of synthetic turf for Arkansas playgrounds is the ability for children of all ages to enjoy an area that is inviting & soft. Other safety surfaces, such as hard formed rubber tiles, or rubber mulch that gets displaced & thrown, have draw backs and provide less of an inviting play-surface.

One thing is certain the future of playgrounds in Arkansas is synthetic. Let National Greens design and build the perfect modern playground for you or let us refurbish your existing playground with modern equipment and synthetic surface

While every one of our satisfied Arkansas playground clients has a primary reasons for choosing National Greens synthetic playground turf, these are the most common advantages:


  • No grass loss from foot traffic or play

  • Always green and is unaffected by weather extremes or use

  • Wear is extremely minimal: natural grass, mulch, etc. can not compete

Professional Appearance

  • State-of-the-art investment can mean revenue growth potential

  • Consistent, neat play area sends a message of cared-for kids

The "Clean Factor"

  • Dirt, mud and grass cuttings are no longer tracked into classrooms, cars and homes

  • No grass stains, no dirty clothing, no dirty hands

Increased Use

  • Area can be used continuously because it's more resilient than natural grass

  • No indoor time due to inclement weather

Elimination of Pests

  • Replaces the moisture-rich, natural-grass nesting ground for insects such as fire ants and underground bee’s nests

Elimination of Grass Pollen Allergies

  • Less irritants to little noses

Rapid Drainage

  • Allows as much as 40+ inches of water per hour to drain right through the turf for immediate use after a rain fall. (In areas with exceptionally poor drainage, we can first install a special drainage system underground to help ensure the rapid evacuation of liquids.)

Not only is a National Greens playground safer and more fun than traditional solutions, it’s also easier to maintain. With our turf, maintenance issues are eliminated.

Here's what you can expect:

No hardening or cracking

No compaction issues

No displacement due to heavy play or downpours

No weeds

No constant upkeep or environmental impact of machines and chemicals

No hidden or buried foreign objects to cut little hands and feet

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National Greens is a company I established in 2004 which provides professionally installed synthetic turf in a variety of venues. We are a natural extension of a highly successful landscaping business which has developed and incorporated a firm technical grasp on drainage, slope, curb appeal, and product sourcing into its turf installation processes.

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