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  • Author Conrad Timmons
  • Published September 14, 2011
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If you are paying a company less than five hundred a month for Search Engine Optimization, then you are being scammed. The SEO industry is chasing small businesses, like carpet cleaning firms, house cleaning companies, and restaurants with cheap, inexpensive SEO plans. Typically costing a hundred or two hundred dollars a month.

What are they doing for this price? NOTHING! They may set up some online profiles for you, or list your company on different websites, but that is barely the beginning of your marketing campaign.

A local company in San Diego, called SIXeed (a web development company) offers small businesses marketing options, but no package under eight hundred a month. Because to properly gain Search Engine traction, Jack Rankin, with SIXeed tells me you need to have a dedicated campaign. You need articles written about your company and submitted on dozens of websites every couple months. You also need videos being filmed and tagged and placed on at least 2-4 video websites. You need social marketing, twitter, Facebook and many more.

How can a company promise you front page on google under broad search terms, if they are not going to be doing all of this?

Most SEO companies that charge you a tiny monthly fee are doing nothing to truly benefit your company! NOTHING! These are things you could do yourself!

I have owned my house cleaning company for years and many times received phone calls from these SEO companies, promising me results that are not possible for the very little amount of money they wanted me to pay. Do you mean to tell me that a small fee of a hundred dollars a month is going to get me the advertising that another dozen companies in my industry are paying thousands of dollars for? Impossible.

I hope that my article helped you understand where to keep your your pocket. Spend the couple hours a month marketing yourself. No one will do it better than you! Or pay a real fee to get real results you dream of.

I am Conrad Timmons of San Diego. I own a small home and office cleaning company and I volunteer for a few nonprofits out here.

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