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  • Author Christopher M. Hunter
  • Published August 30, 2011
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With all the cleaning machines available, vacuum trucks have become one of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment that succeeds in keeping safety at the forefront of every job. Whatever wet or dry, toxic or non-toxic, cleaning or transporting job a corporation might need handled, the versatility that these trucks offer will simplify any situation without threatening the environment or the safety of the crew or general public.

There are four factors that contribute to the effectiveness of vacuum trucks ability to complete their jobs. These include: safety features; level of power and performance; ease of operation; and durability. All of these aspects are vital issues to keep in mind when doing the following jobs.

• Street Sweeping - Street sweeping in urban areas has been manually performed by a person for centuries. A broom and hand shovel is used to remove debris and trash that have accumulated on the streets and in the gutters. Manual street sweeping can be very tiresome and time-consuming since the sweeper spends the majority of their time working outside in many different kinds of weather. Modern street sweepers are known as vacuum trucks and are equipped with hydro-jets and mechanical brooms to collect debris into the tank on the vehicle. Street sweeping is rapidly and efficiently completed with the help of vacuum trucks as compared to manual labor.

• Sewer Cleaning - Manual sewer cleaning usually takes several days to finish and can endanger the lives of the workers performing this dirty job. Many advantages exist if this same job is performed by a vacuum truck. These efficient vehicles are equipped with pressure washers and a powerful vacuum system that is effective in cleaning sewer lines. Municipalities can cost effectively remove debris in sewer lines with excellent operating efficiency and reliability.

• Septic Pumping - Caring for a septic system is vital in maintaining a normal level of performance. If a septic tank problem should arise, it may have been caused by water back-up or a clog in the drain lines. Whatever the cause of the failure, there are certain things that a homeowner can do to fix this problem; however, the process is very messy and requires some knowledge of exactly how the system works. With the help of a septic removal professional, a homeowner can arrange for their septic tank to be pumped using a vacuum truck to remove excess sludge which will effectively lengthen the service life of the tank.

• Hydro-excavating – When cave-ins occur, the rescue workers have a hard time breaking up any surrounding soil in order to remove the trapped victim. The emergency responders have to act immediately and must work as a team with other agencies to successfully unearth and rescue the victim. Hydro-excavating is the safest method to remove the soil in a trench rescue operation using pressurized water and a high-level vacuum. This procedure permits the rapid conveyance of materials and less labor output as compared to conventional digging equipment.

Whatever applications may be needed from cleaning to rescuing, the effectiveness of a vacuum truck will always be impressive. The versatility of this piece of equipment increases its ability to do many projects safely, productively and easily!

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