A Wealth of Backyard Lights for Your Property


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  • Published November 21, 2011
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Outside lighting can have many benefits. It can increase security, safety and highlight the best features of the back yard or garden. There are a huge number of different lights to choose from, so it's a good idea to take a look at the options available so you can choose the best types for your house.

Outside Lighting Benefits

Providing Extra Security - as a quick and easy option to deter thieves, outside lights are a good choice. In most instances, vandals and burglars prefer to work in low light situations. A well-illuminated property will make most thieves or vandals think twice about entering your backyard.

Added Safety - Trying to find your way around your backyard in the dark can be dangerous. Paths and walkways need should be properly lit to help prevent accidents. Installing accent or point lights near any hazardous areas will prevent you or your guests tripping up.

Highlighting Specific Features - Correct illumination can draw attention to interesting areas of your garden or backyard. Try up-lighting or down-lighting in order to see which effect provides the best highlight of the particular feature. Lighting can also be used in water features, including pools or spas.

Garden and Backyard Lighting Choices

Solar Lights - These are generally very easy to install. Although solar lights need to be installed in areas which receive a reasonable amount of sunlight, they are often able to be simply stuck in the ground and can be placed in locations where mains power may not be available. In addition, the solar lights often illuminate the area for about six hours before needing to be charged again. If you need lighting for security purposes, this type is probably not the best, since they are not normally particularly bright and may not function for a whole night.

Low Voltage Lights - In this type, an electrical transformer steps normal household current down to a lower (and safer) voltage which can power several lights in parallel. Installation often involves burying the power cord between lights. For this setup to be practical to install, it's important that you have power reasonably near to the transformer and that the lights themselves can be sited quite close to it, if not you're in for a long and possibly tricky cabling job.

Special Effects Lighting

Many other options exist for specific purposes. Umbrella lights for example, are popular for dining and entertaining areas. These lights attach to a patio table umbrella and provide an excellent ambiance for al fresco dining. There are also a vast number of unusual designs, where the light is built in to artificial plants, animals, rocks, etc. Rope lights can offer a special effect along the ground illuminating a path or stair way or along the edge of a building.

Plenty of reasons exist for adding outside lights to your property. They can make it more safe and increase security, provide general illumination or accentuate specific features. Whatever your goal may be, there are many choice on the market. You'll find it easy to locate all types of lighting for sale on the internet, often at a much better price than your local hardware store.

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