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  • Published September 23, 2011
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The increased demand for wood in the world market has caused the forest industry to double its amount of production. To increase the level of productivity, heavy-duty vehicles such as forestry bucket trucks are being used in the harvesting, hauling and sorting of timber. Transporting cut timber is extremely difficult without using the proper machinery. Log loaders are a very common type of equipment used in the loading and unloading of large logs. With the many types of this vehicle on the market, it is important to focus on finding the right one to do the job.

Specifics to Assess

There is certain information that a buyer must know in order to purchase the right loader for the job. In fact, many buyers find the buying process easier if they already know exactly what type of equipment they need. This is to ensure that they purchase equipment that is suitable for their intended applications. Following are some of the specifications that should be considered in finding the right piece of equipment for the job.

• Boom Specifications - There are a few things to consider when choosing the right log loader. Primarily, the first thing is to check the individual preferences of the business, especially the boom specifications. Two types of boom lifts are available on the market: the telescopic boom and the knuckle boom. Between these two types, the knuckle boom is probably the best choice due to its versatility.

• Grapples - In addition to choosing the right loader is making a choice of the best grapple. This is a decision that must be made when selecting the size and degree of rotation of the grapple. Sizes vary from one application to another and the attachments have the capacity to fully rotate 360 degrees with great precision. These two factors must be considered when selecting the right log loader. Therefore, a business owner should always consider the long-reach capacity of knuckle boom forestry bucket trucks. Long reach knuckle booms are necessary for picking up logs at a considerable distance.

• Small or Large - When choosing the right log loader, there are many factors to consider. Most of the time, this piece of equipment is used to carry cut timber from the stock pile to the transportation trailer and commonly requires increased boom lifting capacity in order to have more power and reach for better clearance. Some businesses may need to choose a small, yet powerful loader that can be easily rolled down the road to pick up a pile of logs. A stationary version with hydraulic outriggers to increase steadiness may also be needed for stability and balance to provide safety while performing and finishing the job. It is imperative to determine the type of tasks the business performs in order to choose the proper equipment to complete all the jobs in an efficient manner.

Log loaders are necessary to transport cut timber onto transportation trucks. Since this equipment is very important, buyers must have vital details about what type of jobs are performed by the business in order to choose the proper piece of equipment to perform these tasks. Boom length, rated lifting capacity, and grapple size are only a few of the components of the vehicle that must be considered when choosing the right loader to do the job!

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