ViSalus Sciences Scam Or ViSalus Opportunity


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  • Published November 21, 2011
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ViSalus Sciences Scam Or ViSalus Opportunity

The big question today is there a ViSalus Scam or not? To answer this, this review provides in depth research on ViSalus Sciences that will give you all of the information behind ViSalus to answer that question. The quickest way to almost always accurately decide whether a company or opportunity is a scam or fraud is ask yourself: Does the company offer a product in exchange for money? If it does then it is probably not a scam. It doesn't mean that you want the product but if goods are being exchanged for currency then there is almost always no scam involved.

ViSalus Sciences is a network marketing company that launched back in March of 2005. The company is now backed by a Billion Dollar giant called Blyth and markets health and wellness products to an expanding market place. The main products are a multi vitamin pack called Vi-Pak and a weight-loss product line better known as Body By Vi. The product line is patented, scientifically validated and is of high quality.

Breaking Down The ViSalus Scam Claims...

Many times people will call a legitimate MLM company a scam, such as the ViSalus scam claims, because they are not really familiar with how the Network Marketing compensation model really works.

ViSalus Sciences is built on a uni-level structure which means commissions are paid on the purchase of products through out a multi layer organization.

Most of the people who scream ViSalus scam usually do so with good intentions but unfortunately it can have damaging effects on the people that believe these false claims. Sometimes this ViSalus Scam claims can deter people from making a life changing decision that can improve their lives and their financial future.

One problem with the Internet these days is anyone can post anything they want and very often times you have people posting all sorts of rubbish in all sorts of industries. A company like ViSalus Sciences doesn't usually have to worry about ViSalus scam claims because they have products with a high perceived value. The companies that can really suffer are those with products that need a little more explanation.

ViSalus Scam? Only when you see poor ViSalus training and lack of understanding of a successful ViSalus downline, do you see these claims. The lack of a good ViSalus Marketing System is the only cause of a ViSalus failure.

There are some people that just don't like the MLM business model and call all companies in our 60+ year old and $100 Billion dollar industry a scam. These people are oblivious to the facts and for the most part cannot be reasoned with. Even though some of the most respected names in business support network marketing companies and many large corporations have network marketing arms you still have a small but dedicated group of people who will always call legitimate opportunities scams.

One final reason someone may feel the need to call an opportunity like ViSalus Sciences a ViSalus scam comes from a rather unfortunate set of circumstances. Many people have tried network marketing in the past and because of a lack of personal success they feel that all MLM companies are not viable business opportunities.

I call this unfortunate because it can often stem from poor ViSalus training and lack of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to build a successful organization. Of course it takes a lot of hard work but it also takes the building of new skill sets. Sometimes the lack of a good ViSalus Marketing System is the only reason that caused their failure.

As far as the debate on ViSalus Sciences Scam or Not is concerned, I think it is now clear that not only is there no ViSalus scam but rather ViSalus is a very respected and successful company that offers quality products and a solid business opportunity to those that choose a new future.

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