Knuckleboom Trucks Safety = Attitude + Teamwork!

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  • Published October 24, 2011
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There are two things that drivers of knuckleboom trucks must possess: positive behavior and teamwork. It is crucial that operators possess these two attributes because this can help improve the safe operation of this heavy-duty, hazardous piece of equipment.

Importance of Positive Behavior

The attitude of workers can have a big influence on overall safety in the workplace. This is particularly true in the case of those who work with knuckleboom trucks. Employees who are aggressive or exhibit impatient behavior are the individuals who are likely to cut corners and ignore safety guidelines just to get the job done quickly. Such behavior can be dangerous, especially when the job involves the handling of this type of specialized equipment.

Better Work Practice Positive Attributes

Employees that work with knuckleboom trucks should possess the following positive attributes:

  • Patience – The capability to persevere while performing a mandatory task without reacting with annoyance or haste is important, even if the task requires a great deal of time or monotony.

  • Sense of Responsibility – The ability to take responsibility for each assigned task is also important.

  • Determination – The determination to do whatever is necessary to properly perform the job cannot be over-emphasized which includes following mandatory protocols.

  • Analytical – Being able to take the time necessary to analyze a situation before making a decision or taking any action is of high significance.

  • Awareness – It is important to know how to anticipate and pay attention to any hazards and take the required action to prevent them.

  • Focus – Knowing how to focus on the task at hand and ignore any distractions is very significant.

Employees with Positive Behavior

In order to find employees possessing positive behavior, employers can use an assessment tool called DISC; this has been designed and perfected to identify particular employee behavioral traits. According to a Harvard psychologist named William Moulton, the behavior of workers can be roughly put into four categories: dominant, influencing, steady, and cautious.

Individuals who have dominant behavior traits are generally short-tempered, easily lose patience and likely to cause accidents. People with influential behavior traits are people-oriented, talk quite a bit, and love being the center of attention. Those individuals with both steady and cautious behavior traits perform their jobs at a steady pace, are detail-oriented, and have a high regard for any stated rules.

Of these four groups, those individuals that fall under the categories of influencing, steady, and cautious are the ones that are less likely to experience accidents and as such should be given roles that require patience and a high degree of safety.

Teamwork and Knuckleboom Safety

While positive behavior and a cautious attitude are crucial attributes of those who work with knuckleboom trucks, another important attribute that should be possessed in order to increase safety on the job is the desire to be a team player. In order to operate knuckleboom trucks in a safe manner, constant collaboration between crew members including maintenance personnel, signal persons, and crane operators is required.

The ability to operate as a team is not something that happens naturally with every team member, which is why it is important for employers to take an active role in helping employees develop these necessary abilities. It is important that it consistently be stressed the importance of the role of each employee and how this can benefit each member of the team. In this way, everyone will learn how to appreciate their role on the team and will always look for ways to improve that role.

Safety is an important goal and concern in the operation of knuckleboom trucks. To achieve this goal, it is important that each member of the team possess a positive attitude towards their job and know how to work as a team member. So knuckleboom safety does indeed equal attitude plus teamwork!

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