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  • Published November 14, 2011
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There are thousands of entrepreneurs who are realizing that the forestry service industry is a very profitable investment. In the United States, this is an effective money-making profession that generates billions of annual gross profits. This type of venture has grown over the last several years due to increased productivity and decreased labor costs. Therefore, when planning to start this type of business, it is imperative to understand some basic things about how to accomplish this in an effectual fashion. This is important because owning a forestry fleet is demanding work and lack of knowledge about this trade could cause a new venture to fail. Following is some practical information on how to get a business of this kind up and running on a profitable basis.

Do Research

It is vital to note that research is crucial in any trade to be competitive in the global market. It provides an avenue to precisely distinguish prospective customers. It can help to analyze what targeted consumers want, what the competition provides, and then develop strategies that can direct the entire business operation towards its main goal. In addition, it helps to check the latest market trends and technology to get a competitive advantage; research helps entrepreneurs make educated and informed decisions. It is imperative that industry research be studied when starting a commercial truck venture. Research should be done on what types of forestry equipment should be purchased, such as bucket trucks or grapple trucks that may be in demand in a particular region for logging operations.

Strong Business Plan

Before looking for potential suppliers, it is imperative to establish a strong business plan as this is the foundation that helps a new company grow and is essential for those wanting to invest in this newly established venture. The plan should indicate that the company has a clear mission, good management, a competitive marketing strategy, an accurate description of the services offered, a detailed view of desired goals, and a clear focus on its competitive advantage. All of this will directly impact the growth of the product or services.

Reputable Suppliers

The next step in the company-building process is to find trusted dealers to provide a wide variety of quality vehicles to be used in felling, de-limbing, skidding, loading, transporting, and chipping of cut trees. This is the most important part of starting this business journey since it is imperative to find a dealership that is well-established and honest. Many dealerships across the United States offer forestry trucks for sale; however, not all of them have the desired expertise in this line of work. Therefore, search for reliable distributors that can offer the best deal to allow a business to move forward towards its goals.

New vs. Used

The price of forestry trucks will always be an important part of any purchase decision, especially in times of economic downturn. Although brand-new trucks are known for quality and reliability, the cost to purchase such a vehicle cannot be completely ignored. Choosing reconditioned or used forestry trucks can be very beneficial and offer great savings; many of them are very high quality and in good working condition.

Most successful business establishments have a common denominator: providing a service that is both necessary and useful to consumers. To accomplish such a goal, industry research, a business plan, trusted suppliers, and the availability of logging vehicles must all be a part of the operation of a new forestry fleet. Successful businesses will have adhered to this advice and will find success in the logging industry!

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