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  • Published December 30, 2011
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Mannequins are an invaluable display tool for fashion retailers and by thinking carefully about how they are used and where they are positioned, stores could find they attract more customers and increase the amount shoppers spend.

The first thing to decide if you do not already have mannequins among your shop fittings is what sort you would like.

There is more choice than you may first imagine in this regard, with everything available from lifelike, full-sized models to stylised designs of certain body parts.

Life-sized models are usually the best option for use in window displays, as they allow you to showcase entire outfits to the shoppers passing by in the street. They can also be posed in various ways, enabling you to set up something that is eye catching.

Don't forget to make use of other display stands you may have available, as giving your mannequins some props to interact with will only add to the impression they make.

Meanwhile, models of the torso, for instance, could be put to better use on the shop floor, as they can be positioned on top of shelving units or rails and will take up less space than their full-sized counterparts.

Placing these in vantage points above the garments they are displaying could be a good way to help your customers navigate the store and find exactly what they are looking for.

One of the major advantages to life-sized mannequins is that you can use them to highlight entire outfits, teaming skirts and shirts or jeans and tops with other accessories from your store.

Suggesting ensembles in this way is subtle and may just give your customers some ideas. Seeing examples in front of them of how to mix and match the products on sale may encourage them to try something new and to add an extra item to their shopping bag.

This can be particularly true of accessories, such as belts or jewellery, which can add the perfect finishing touch to an overall style.

And if your customers agree, you could find that the average spend in your store increases, due to the influence of your well-dressed mannequins.

Don't be afraid to experiment with ideas - after all, if you dress a mannequin up and it doesn't look as you would like, you can simply change things around or start again completely.

It is worth taking the time to decide what items you especially want to promote, as well as which garments work together as a whole.

The style of the mannequin you are using may also have a bearing on the overall appearance - for instance, if it is a stylised model in silver, it will look more contemporary than one that is flesh-coloured and has a realistic face.

Decide what message you want to send to consumers - and what demographic of shoppers you would like to attract to your store - and choose your mannequins accordingly.

As with any display stand, where you position your mannequins in the store is crucial, so think carefully not only about where they will look great, but also about how they may affect customers' movements around the store.

You need to place them in prominent locations, but these should not obstruct any major walkways around the shop.

Plinths that raise the mannequins above the ground could be ideal, as they will enable shoppers to see your ensembles from all over the store.

As well as using mannequins in your shop window display, try setting up a few of them at strategic points around your outlet.

You could place them next to particular product lines, allowing you to use the mannequins to direct customers to your latest collection, for example.

Or you may want to arrange a central display that provides a focal point in the store and will entice shoppers in when they pass your door.

With so many possibilities, you need to ensure you do not simply think of your mannequin as a clothes horse, but that you look into all the ways you can make it work for your business.

Whether you want to highlight your latest collection, encourage customers to spend more by purchasing entire outfits with accessories or are keen to revamp your shop displays, mannequins can be invaluable.

So, make sure you consider all the possibilities when you are dressing up your models.

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