What Work Can be Done With a Vacuum Truck?

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  • Author Christopher M. Hunter
  • Published November 22, 2011
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The vacuum truck is a complex yet fairly inexpensive solution for transporting waste, sludge, and other material. For the few years, there has been a growing demand for this type of suctioning apparatus. Looking at some major industries that are using this gigantic transport mechanism will help show the usefulness of this particular piece of equipment.

Industry Overview

The powerful vacuum capacity that is packed into this one vehicle is usually the answer to the very demanding tasks of many industries. The high-powered machinery found in this type of service uses a centrifugal compressor that has the ability to generate high air flow with either vane or positive displacement pumps. Though both have a relatively lower air flow, they can create a high suction level, which is ideal for suctioning heavy sludge material and deep pulling requirements.

Types of Usage

Following are some examples of where these machines are being used:

• Waste Water Removal – Immediately following a huge storm or after a natural disaster such as heavy rains, this massive vehicle can be seen pumping water out of sewers. At this point, there are two factors that should be taken into account: power and capacity. While power is very important in the speed of emptying water out of the sewage lines and drains, capacity is also necessary as the tank should be large enough to hold large amounts of fluid for a short span of time.

• Horizontal Excavation – Common excavation may not be adequate for the particular type of work that is planned. In a normal area, excavating can be fast and easy for surfaces that require vertical digging; horizontal digging is more challenging. The only option in the latter case is to use vacuum trucks. The main sought-for characteristic in this instance is its power, since in most situations that require horizontal digging, there is a need to dig through rocky surfaces or very rough terrain.

• Public Works – Local municipalities have frequent urgent demands for this powerful vehicle. It is used for tasks such as pumping water from sewers or cleaning the streets. It can also be equipped with several other useful options. For example, it can be used in the clean-up phase of one of the city’s underground repair projects by removing a huge amount of waste material around and under the clay aeration pipes. Yet another use may be transferring sludge to the drying beds. This vehicle is specifically designed with powerful pressure for unloading purposes; it is also equipped with a special fan nozzle in the discharge valve so that with a pressurized tank, when opened it will ensure a rapid and thorough sludge transfer.

• Oil Fields – Raw oil products must be extracted more efficiently. Nevertheless, there are times when these machines break down as a result of the rugged nature of the work being done. Because of a constant demand for the vehicle and for the necessity for uninterrupted oil extraction, instead of waiting for the repair of an oil rig to be completed, a vacuum truck can be used to perform the oil extraction. Though the vehicle may not be as effective as compared to an oil drilling machines, this course of action does allow a business to have a continuous production of oil until the original apparatus is restored to its full function.

Knowing the usefulness of a vacuum truck in various types of businesses is a good reason to get this powerful pumping equipment for the cleaning needs and other industrial needs of a business. Do not wait too long, purchase a vacuum truck now and discover exactly what can be done with a vacuum truck!

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