Bad Spending Habits


  • Author Eric Wisdom
  • Published January 31, 2012
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Bad Spending Habits Mean Financial Destruction


If you want to increase your personal wealth then you have to identify and eliminate any of those bad spending habits that may be leading you to a fall from grace. Your income level is not nearly as important in determining future wealth as how you handle the money that your earn each month.


In order to become rich you have to treat your money with respect. This means being responsible with your spending habits and financial decisions. It is much easier to build wealth when your income is higher than average, but if you treat your cash with care then you will find that you can still become rich even with a modest weekly paycheck.


Spending even a few bucks on totally unnecessary items is one of the first steps on that slippery slope to financial ruin. Unfortunately most individuals are not taught how to manage their available cash. Instead of dedicating a portion of their salary to savings and investments they allow the cash to slide through their fingers as though these dollars were nothing more than melted butter.


Credit cards can also lead to bad spending habits that can damage your financial future. These cards provide you with the temptation to spend more dollars than you have available. By the time you try to pay back the balance you owe the interest may make it impossible for you to catch up. That ten dollar book you bought on credit could end up costing you thirty dollars by the time the final payment is made. This would mean that you just tossed twenty dollars into the garbage.


It can be very challenging to try and curb your spending, especially if you have never practiced saving some of your income each month, or living on a strict budget. Without a dedicated budget it is not possible for you to understand where your dollars are going each week. You may need to ask an expert for some advice to help you design a budget and savings plan that will work for you and your family. Once you sit down and really go over your spending habits and necessary expenses you will be able to identify the areas where you can begin to steadily save those dollars. Learn how to make your money work for you if you really want a comfortable and secure future.

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