Chain Link Fence Repair Tips


  • Author Eric Brown
  • Published January 20, 2012
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Chain links are commonly installed on houses with little children or by homeowners who have pets running around their yard. These are affordable fencing materials that are quite practical when it comes to keeping someone and something inside or outside the property. Although they are not as durable as compared to the other materials used as fences, they do provide long years of service that would last for 10 to 15 years depending on the maintenance and care. However, no matter how much we take care of chain link fences, repairs are inevitable especially to those that are installed for a longer period of time.

In repairing chain links, there are things to look out for such as the signs of a material that needs to be fixed or changed. Knowing the right solution for the problem is the best thing to have when it comes to chain link fence repairs. In return, this will save you money for unnecessary replacements. Check out the tips below on how to properly fix and tell if the fence is ready for some repairs or changes:

• Inspect for Damages – check out all of the areas where damages may occur. These are commonly on the interlinked chains due to pressure or force exerted on the links. The tie wires may also loose at some point which can cause sagging action on the fence. Make sure that you re-tie these as they can contribute to problems in the long run.

• Repair Damages – in case you have spotted parts of the fence that requires immediate attention, the best thing for you to do is to take action right away to prevent aggravating the issue. Always keep in mind that chain link fences tend to easily spread the damages as they are connected with each other.

• Replace Severely Ruined Parts – although most of the time fences are caught up being repaired, there are some cases where fixing the parts is inappropriate and unnecessary. The best solution on severely damaged materials is to simply replace them with new ones although this can be quite expensive. Avoid from installing low quality materials as you will not save on the small amount you are planning on keeping aside. These are prone to regular repairs and at worst with replacements. When using chain link mesh, make sure that you purchase quality materials to prolong the service of the fence.

• Fix Dislodged Chain Links – when you see chain links that are out of their right positions, simply maneuver them with your hands. However, if they do not bulge with your strength, you can use tools to help you move them to their proper places.

• Maintenance – keep them well maintained in order for them to last longer than they normally would. Occasional cleaning and clearing can help prevent rust or corrosion from setting in. A constantly weather battered fence is prone to all sorts of deteriorating effects. A simple spray of water and detergent can help remove such elements. Pat the fence dry if you have time as this will help remove moisture on the chain link mesh.

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