Cherry Pickers – Not Just for Fruit!

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  • Published December 12, 2011
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The term cherry picker is derived from the original use of a bucket truck as it was initially designed to harvest different kinds of fruit in an orchard. The conventional design of this aerial lifting device had a basket platform attached to a hydraulic boom arm which was bolted on the back of a truck and required another person to move the bucket into the correct position.

With the advancement of truck technology, another control device was added to the platform itself, adding the possibility of maneuvering the device alone. Currently, this cherry picker is still used in fruit harvesting; however, it is also utilized for various other tasks.

Unique Design

A cherry picker has three essential parts including the truck, hydraulic boom arm, and bucket. There are also hydraulic outriggers to stabilize the entire machine while in an operational position. The outriggers permit the operator to maneuver the platform at different angles without having to worry about tipping over.

Normally, the lift is mounted on the chassis of a truck, pick-up van, or stand-alone trailer. The bucket, also known as a basket or aerial platform, is engineered to allow temporary access for workers to reach areas that are normally difficult to reach. Again, a duplicate set of control mechanisms are built for this system - upper and lower controls. This allows the person in the bucket to correctly position it while performing different aerial jobs for different industries as listed below.

  • Utilities - Aerial lift devices make the work of electric line and telecommunication personnel safer and easier. These trucks can be used to repair power lines or install new wires as needed. This is ideal in these industries because important tools can be carried up in the bucket without any problems; in addition, these vehicles promote a quick and productive work outcome.

  • Construction - A cherry picker is a vital device needed for use in construction work. They help manage different building needs such as lifting heavy materials and instruments to various heights. In addition, it is very beneficial to any building product that this equipment can help lift construction workers and their tools to the work site.

  • Fire Department - A cherry picker is an important piece of equipment for a fire department to use for emergency rescues. With this machinery, firemen can easily access the high floors of a building to save people who are trapped.

  • Forestry - Aside from fruit harvesting, foresters use this machine to prune trees and fell dead branches. This helps workers reach dangerous heights efficiently and safely. Hard-to-reach or tall trees can be easily accessed. Moreover, any tree branches that might fall will not harm the person doing the job because of a cab guard. This machine enhances work efficiency without compromising the operator’s safety and comfort.

  • Other Applications - Because of its unique design, this heavy-duty machine can be used for some other tasks. They are deployed for window cleaning, fixing street lamps, painting exterior walls, film taping, and installing Christmas lights. Indeed, the use of this equipment has significantly enhanced the safety of workers while elevated at various working heights.

As the years have passed, cherry pickers have evolved from orchard use to become quite advanced. Their contemporary use has transformed this powerful device into an all-purpose aerial lift that is capable of playing the most crucial role in numerous industries, carrying workers to various heights efficiently and without compromising safety – they are not just for fruit anymore!

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