Safety and Digger Trucks Go Hand-in-Hand!

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  • Published December 12, 2011
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Driving digger trucks is one of the most dangerous professions in the trucking business. This is due to the fact that operating an auger drill truck may compromise the safety of the driver of the vehicle, putting them at risk due to its massive size. Although the device has been designed, developed, and tested for its functionality, this is still not an assurance that operators and those near the machine will be free from harm. For this reason, governmental organizations are enforcing and implementing vital new safety standards to govern the use of digger trucks.

Operator’s Manual

Following the manual provided by the manufacturer will help to properly use the equipment. Improper usage could result in damage to the machine, causing problems with the work being performed and potentially cause harm to the driver or others on the job site. In this regard, users should fully understand the operating restrictions of this equipment in order to remain safe during an entire shift. Guidebooks are included with the product to serve as a tool for the proper use of the device so that tasks are correctly completed.

Safety Standard

Since there will always be a danger present when using this device, both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standard Institute (ANSI) have formulated rules and regulations relevant to the handling of all aerial lift devices including the digger derrick, especially when they are used in the telecommunication and electric line industries. Also included in this newly enacted law is the training of the employee.

It is stated that the employers must provide adequate training, including: the identification and prevention of hazards associated with harmful substances, animals, insects, and poisonous plants; first-aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR); and standard operating procedures that should be enacted during emergencies. The employer must determine both the instructor and the employees who will participate in the training.

Generally, employees should receive education about the correct inspection, proper application, and accurate operation of the machine; hazard identification and prevention should also be included. General training should cover the following: usage of manufacturer's manual; pre-start up and work site inspections; what to do when the device is malfunctioning; stability issues; use of placards and decals; safety rules deemed necessary in relation to the usage of the machine; and the certification and qualification of the drivers. Well-trained personnel are more careful when operating this kind of truck and will be more likely to avoid damage to themselves, others, and nearby property.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance of this device is the key to safety while operating the truck. The machine should be kept in good working condition by inspecting and repairing parts that have been damaged. Early detection of wear and tear can help avoid future accidents that may happen due to the malfunction of the machine. Therefore, all repairs must be done prior to the performance of any tasks.

Employers play a major role in providing safety, maintenance, and training in order to minimize the occurrence of accidents when operating digger derricks. Just like other heavy-duty machines, the operation of this equipment is quite hazardous. This is the reason why operator manuals are provided, training is conducted, and rules and regulations have been enacted. It is impossible to separate safety from the use of this equipment as it should always go hand-in-hand!

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