The 1# Best Selling Guide: Swtor Secrets is a SCAM!


  • Author Paul Finch
  • Published February 9, 2012
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I recently purchased the Swtor Secrets, 1-50 leveling guide. It ended up being a scam and let me tell you why.

At first, I was very happy with my purchase. The installation literally took minutes. It took me about a week to get from level 1 to 11 (without the guide). In another week (with the guide), I went from level 11 to 47! Then before I know it, I hit level 50 and I was no longer a 'noob'.

The amazing strategies really do work here. It basically gives you a little interface that tells you exactly what to do next, and what monsters to defeat. Not only that, but it has multiple guides covering several zones. Now, I only used one of the guides, but I must say I was very impressed.

I felt great, being level 50 allows you to do more amazing things and you could join up with the top players. Explore the end-game content yourself with your new level 50 mates. If it weren't for this guide, I would of be stuck in between level 11-20, wasting my life away on a game. With this guide, I can do what I need to do each day on the game and spend my time with the family which is a great!

But here is the catch. I recommended this product to a friend so he could level up as quickly as I did. I emailed him a link and his response stunned me. He told me that I had paid too much for the guide, and you can get the same thing for much cheaper. I felt ripped off.

How do you get it for cheaper? You use special discount links that come off paid subscription sites. Just for you, I have copied the HTML of one of these special coupons directly into this article. Just click the coupon below to the Swtor Secrets Guide for the cheapest possible price!

(Sorry, the images in here aren't working. This link is to lead you to a sales page about this amazing product at discounted price).

Have fun playing SWTOR with your new killer guide! This coupon might not last forever. Since it is supposed to be available to paid subscription users only, public access will not always be available. So be swift about it.

Have a good day.

Hi, my name is Paul Finch and I'm just here to promote amazing products.

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