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  • Published March 11, 2012
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This spring why not start your lawn out the right way. Follow all of these steps in order and you will have a lush green lawn for the up and coming season. These steps should be followed annually to keep a healthy, greener lawn.

Step # 1.

Thatching and Raking - In early March a thorough raking of all grass areas should be done. Don’t make the mistake of thatching with a machine as this will turn up weed seeds and crabgrass. Thatching always should be done in the fall.

Step # 2.

Crabgrass control and Seeding - Now that all leaves are cleaned up and the grass is clean your first application of crabgrass control should be applied. Be sure to keep the fertilizer off the bare areas of your lawn so spot seeding can be done.

Step # 3.

Peat moss and Seeding - Spot seeding can be done by vigorously scratching the bare areas with a steel rake. Place a fair amount of seed over this area and cover with a 3 inch layer of Peat moss. The Peat moss will hold in the moisture to advance the germination of new seeds put down.

Step # 4.

Lime Applications - Using a spreader, a healthy amount of lime should be spread over entire lawn. This will neutralize the acid in the soil. An acidic lawn will always look lime green and sparse. Lime applications will thicken and make your lawn much greener. Lime should be done twice a year.

Step # 5.

Watering - Watering at this time is a good idea. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, a hose and sprinkler fixture from your local hardware store will do just fine. The above steps will only work with proper watering. Don’t over water your seed. Just keeping it moist is the key to rapid results.

Step # 6.

Lawn and Lawn Mower Blades - In keeping a greener lawn it’s important to make sure your lawn mower has sharp blades. Dull mower blades will tear the blades of grass and will also burn the tips of the grass. If this happens let the grass grow out and be sure the next cut is done with sharp lawnmower blades.

As your season comes to its closing there will be preparations that will need to be taken to winterize your lawn and get ready for the following season. Thatching, aeration, and seeding should be done before the fall foliage comes down. Following the 6 steps above and the winterization steps you will be a happy owner of a greener lush lawn.

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