Two Keys to Becoming Successful in Business and in Life


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  • Published March 20, 2012
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Are you searching for the keys to personal and professional success? If so, here's the good news and not so good news.

First the good news. This is a time of great opportunity. In recent years, people have viewed the times as difficult and assumed that opportunities are few and far between. This hasn't been true for everybody and it need not be the case for you.

The not so good news for some people is that this is also a period of change. This requires us to view our situations differently.

The First Secret to Success

Based on foremost success resources like The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, success a certain way." Success starts in your mind. This little book raises another critical point, that money is not the root of all evil. Actually' money is the most important resource we have for building a great life and having a positive influence on the world.

Wattles actually went so far to say that there is a universal intelligence that wants you to have a richly full life, including having everything you could possibly require to make this happen, so it is your right to be rich. He explains that you need access to riches so you can develop your full potential, feel fully alive, and make a difference. You might even conjecture that this is how the universe grows.

Keys to Success from Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill

People typically devote most of their search for success to rushing around chaotically in hopes of producing more positive results. Napoleon Hill, who had the privilege of studying the most wealthy and successful people of his time, found that they focused above all on their thinking.

Wattles was talking about the Law of Attraction, and a key to success that was further validated by Napoleon Hill in his brilliant book Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill opened the first chapter with the statement "Thoughts are things and powerful things at that." The success secret is that you create what you think about most often.


When your thoughts are correct, thinking in Wattles' "certain way," your actions become inspired and produce magical results. If you are thinking that getting ahead is tough, it is. Conversely, if you can bring yourself to believe that this is a time of great opportunity and you are worthy of the finest that life has to offer, it is and you do. With this in mind, here's another important success secret.

The Second Secret: Inspired Action Produces Success

Wattles' Science of Getting Rich didn't rely solely on thinking. The other part of his formula focused on acting in what he again called "a certain way" that will make you rich. When your thinking is optimistic and productive, the actions you take become inspired.

Access the joy of inspired action. If you study the secrets of success and start to put them to work on a daily basis, the impact of your actions will change. You will become inspired by a sense of being connected to a force that's larger than yourself.

You will treasure each day more and new opportunities are likely to emerge. When this happens, life becomes more and more exciting.

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