Does Swapping Out A Super Chip With A DP Tuner Really Provide Worthwhile Power Gains?

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  • Author Clay Note
  • Published February 17, 2012
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Abso-frickin-lutely! If you check the Ford Truck forums then you have probably read a lot of really good reviews about the DP Tuner. If you’re just getting into Powerstroke Mods, then switching from a Superchip to DP Tuners will definitely get you more power in standard acceleration as well as with tow performance. After all, DP-Tuner is regarded as one of the top Ford diesel truck tuning companies in the world.

One of the most common reasons diesel truck owners even start looking at chip upgrades is because they get tired of their trucks throwing codes during hard acceleration and high EGT’s in tow situations. Power Stroke owners prefer the DP Tuner because it resolves code issues while providing MUCH better performance in standard and towing capacities. You can get DP Tuner computer chip modules and transmission tuning for the Ford 7.3L diesel and 4.6L gas engines and Ford 7.3L Diesel, 6.0L Diesel, 6.4L Diesel, 4.6L Gas, and 6.6L Duramax engines.

If you’re new to chip upgrades it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of options that can help optimize your Ford Powerstroke’s performance. So, how do you know what tunes are right for you?

There are several factors that go into setting the right tunes for your truck and depending on your specific needs you can always speak with Jody or James at DP Tuner before you purchase.

Some of the key factors involved in determining which tunes are right for you will be:

  1. Do you have gauges?

Monitoring EGTs is very critical and one of the most important parameters of a diesel engine especially when you are adding a chip and increasing fuel as this can increase heat.

  1. Do you have an aftermarket larger diameter exhaust?

This is important in helping get that hot exhaust out quicker and keeping EGTs manageable, you may want to check into the bellowed up-pipes that I have written about previously.

All of the DP Tuner programs have detailed info beside them but most people only have a basic need for the programs. For instance the DP Tuner F6 Chip Module on the fly SMART Chip is a tow tune, or even two tow tunes for dedicated towing as well as an economy program for daily driving, non towing and a performance program for maximum performance.

Choose the tow program that best represents your towing weights. I would not suggest the 140 programs for maximum performance if you have a stock high pressure oil pump as you will not see full benefit and your truck may actually perform worse than a with 100 hp or 120 hp program due to the demands on the high pressure oil pump.

Clay Note is the owner of Riffraff Diesel Performance Parts, one of the premier diesel performance parts websites. Clay specializes in DP Tuner Modules and Powerstroke parts for Ford Diesel Trucks.

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