Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring


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  • Published April 25, 2012
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First Steps for Spring Landscapes

It might feel like winter will last forever, but spring is always right around the corner. Getting your yard ready for a new spring landscape design is more important than you might think. There are a number of steps to complete before and during a remolding that will ultimately save you time and money.

Here you’ll find both those steps and some wonderful landscape ideas for spring.

• Start those seeds!

If you’re using planters as part of your design, you may need to start your seedlings indoors. Some flowers will take root during the weeks right before spring.

• Prepare those beds!

Smaller gardens can be taken care of alone, but for larger landscapes you’ll want to hire a professional service Mismanagement of flower beds can lead to smaller, unhealthy-looking blooms.

• Check your stonework!

Make sure that your pavers and patios have held up through the winter.

Landscape Ideas for Spring

These easy steps can help you prepare your existing spring landscapes – but what about those of you who are starting fresh? Planning a new yard can be cumbersome, so it’s best to let the professionals handle the "hard" parts. Licensed contractors are experts when it comes to landscaping design ideas. Services for your NJ home may include:

Planning ahead. The first step to a good design is planning it beforehand. A professional landscaping service always comes up with the design BEFORE implementing it, which saves time and money. Plus, they know which tools and machines are necessary for your space, which allows them to avoid costly, time-consuming replanting.

Accenting your home. Landscape ideas for spring, summer or fall should ALWAYS accent the home. Too often, owners overwhelm their homes by planting trees or shrubs that are too big – or too distracting – for the size and shapes of their homes. Professional landscape designers use their vast knowledge base to create spaces that accentuate your home and your yard – not overpower them.

Foundation planting. A beautiful landscape starts with a focal point: something which sets off the entire design. Hiring a professional contractor to design your spring landscape safeguards against "sloppy" work. Foundation planting makes your home more welcoming to visitors, and can provide a point of reference for future changes.

Planting local trees and flowers. Licensed professionals make it their business to know which plants and flowers are native to your community. They can ensure that the flora in your spring landscape looks natural, and can flourish in your particular soil.

Adding stonework. Natural stone not only looks beautiful – it can add to the value of your home. When you’re searching for landscape ideas for spring, consider incorporating hardscapes into the overall design. They add a layer of depth to your yard, and the color patterns can add vibrancy to a more subdued design. Stones walls, pavers and walkways always add a touch of class.

Color schemes. When it comes to landscape design ideas, professional services in NJ know best how to use color to its fullest potential. Because so many flowers blossom in spring, homeowners often inadvertently make their homes eyesores. A licensed design company can add subtle "pops" of color to existing yards, and can create appealing color palettes for new spring landscapes. Balance is crucial when it comes to design, so hiring a professional ensures having a vibrant yard that doesn’t make you dizzy.

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