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  • Published June 11, 2012
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Articulated dump trucks appear everywhere, Hydrema’s High Mobility dump trucks for 10 and 22 tons loads exhibit ultra low ground impression as they ‘float’ over the landscape with minimal strain on both soil and driver.

The uniquely constructed articulation combined with 800 millimetre wide tyres and specially constructed wheel suspension makes the two-axle Hydrema 912HM with a 10 tons load capacity and the three-axle Hydrema 922HM with a 22 tons load capacity the ideal equipment for soft and hostile terrain, or where a low ground impression is required e.g. for garden grounds or renovation of golf courses.

Hydrema 912HM was presented in Europe in 2009 as a further development of the very successful Hydrema 912D that is widely used on construction sites and for tasks with limited space. The Hydrema 912HM has an extremely large overhead clearance due to its large wheels as well as a sprung front axle, which together with the dynamic articulated pivot result in all four wheels always having full contact with the ground. The equipment is constructed such that front wheels and back wheels fall in the same track. This all equate to the equipment being able to make its way even under the most difficult conditions in very muddy terrain, where others have to give up.

Both Hydrema HM dump truck models have newly developed, suspended front axles that are unique. The system is an electro-hydraulic spring system with independent suspension cylinders and level regulation of the two front wheels. The system is both fast and possessing a long suspension displacement enabling it to handle severe ruggedness in difficult terrain and light ruggedness during fast driving. The system also provides great stability when the equipment turns during transport.

Hydrema 922HM has been on the market i Europe for several years and it has experienced great success particularly in projects with very soft ground and especially golf course projects. The key is its very low unladen weight relative to the load capacity. A number of golf course architects today demand the use of Hydrema dump trucks in the construction of new courses because the ground impression is so limited. Less impression damage means faster and better growth on newly constructed courses.

Hydrema 922HM also has 800 millimetre wide tyres and the unique hydraulically stabilised articulated pivot and rear wheel suspension that provide optimum contact with the ground even in very uneven terrain.

Hydrema has a particularly comfortable suspended rubber mounted cab. Wheel suspension and construction that give optimum contact with the ground also provide a much calmer drive and thus optimum driver comfort. Hydrema is dedicatedly working to limit vibration strain on the driver, and the machine fulfils the strict standards in EU for whole body vibrations. This has been achieved by utilising special simulation tools during the development phase and new hydraulic components have been developed in connection with the construction of the suspension.

Both machines are equipped with very efficient hydraulic systems with variable pumps. This provides fast reaction times in all functions and always plenty of power to the vital functions.

Hydrema 922 is equipped with a 6.7 litres Cummins 194kW/264 hp engine, while Hydrema 912 has a Perkins engine of 4.4 litres and 96 kW/131 hp. Both engines are very efficient on fuel consumption making the machine low in operating costs. The engines of course comply to the Tier III standard.

The dump trucks’ ability to drive under even very extreme conditions has been tested in various projects, and the customers clearly report on improved operating costs on several points. The season can be extended, the cost in constructing special access roads is lowered, the efficiency is increased due to higher speed of transport over difficult terrain, and there are cost savings by avoiding damages to for example drains and watering systems on golf courses. Additionally, you have low fuel consumption and satisfied drivers, who perform a little better when they get optimum work conditions.

Hydrema also delivers Hydrema 922D with 600 millimetre tyre mounting, as well as Hydrema 912DS is delivered with 600 millimetre tyre mounting, but still suspended front axle and the other advantages that Hydrema dump trucks offer. The smaller tyre mounting offers a smaller total width but does not change the load capacity.

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