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  • Published May 23, 2012
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Much like anything else, a concrete patio design can be as individual and unique as the contents of a home. Thanks to the advent of inexpensive and highly adaptable concrete applications, a patio can evolve in almost any way the homeowner wishes. Kansas City is an area of the Midwest where there are very hot summers followed by very cold and wet winters. This means that concrete may be the best choice for any patio, as it is sturdy, easy to clean and practically impervious to the elements. Additionally, it is easy to add effects or to use in tight spaces.

Like any large city, the greater Kansas City area has many homes with smaller backyards. Fortunately, concrete patio design can be developed in such as way as to make the most of these smaller spaces. Concrete can be made to look like stone, slate or marble, and it can be polished or given the appearance of large or small bricks. Pre-cut pavers are also an excellent choice for a patio, and homeowners can enjoy the sensation of an Italian Palazzo or woodsy retreat in their own backyard. A good concrete company can give suggestions and offer examples of their work.

Commercial concrete patio design is an often overlooked area of innovation and beauty. While not all of the large businesses located in Kansas City have patio areas for employees or clients, many, especially hotels, do. Concrete patios are an essential area for many area hotels, as it gives the guests a place to settle in for quiet during their stay. Often, the landscaping works around the concrete patio area, and is usually practically maintenance free, which means it will not require a great deal of continual expense. Many colleges and hospitals are also adding patio areas for visitors as well.

A Kansas City company that specializes in concrete patio design will be able to offer clients in this thriving central Midwestern area a large selection of ideas, materials and prices for their patios. From retaining walls to polished flooring, concrete is no longer the material used strictly for garage floors and driveways. It is now a staple for many homeowners and businesses, and a company will be able to provide estimates and even pictures of previous work. Fountains, pavers, and poured concrete can be used to emphasize any garden spot beautifully, and the experts can help provide an outdoor transformation.

Find out more about concrete patio design, and transform your space.

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