How to Deal With Frequent Yeast Infections

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  • Published September 21, 2012
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Virtually every woman will experience at least one yeast infection during her lifetime. However, many women have to deal with them on a repeated basis which is certainly no fun. If you deal with repeated yeast infections, then make sure that you pay attention to some of these tips that will help.

If you provide a warm, moist environment for yeast, then they will thrive. Make sure that you don't allow moisture to hang around your vaginal area after you take a bath or go for a swim. Problems can also arise if you frequently wear synthetic underwear. Wearing underwear made from a material like cotton is much better.

Hopefully, you won't be too surprised to find out that your vaginal area is inhabited by bacteria. You want this bacteria down there since it will actually help keep you from getting a yeast infection. If you do something to upset the balance of good bacteria and yeast, then you may develop frequent yeast infections.

Antibacterial soap does an excellent job as its name suggests, and will help kill your good bacteria. Douching or using anything other than gentle cleansers may be equally as bad. Although you may need to relax every once in a while in a bubble bath, you shouldn't use scented salts in it.

Yeast infections may also occur because of a poor diet. Eating lots of sugary foods isn't a good idea. Restoring the balance of good bacteria and yeast can be done if you eat yogurt that contains active cultures.

Contraceptive pills are highly effective which is why they're one of the most commonly used forms of birth control. You should know that your birth control pill may be contributing to your problem though. High-dose pills are commonly at fault. If you're on one of these pills, then you may want to consider switching to the low-dose variety.

As you have already learned, doing things to upset the balance may lead to frequent yeast infections. Some condoms have spermicides on them. These spermicides may lead to the destruction of the bacteria. It shouldn't be too difficult to switch to another brand if that's truly the cause.

If you have health problems, then you will have a higher risk of getting yeast infections. This risk will be significantly high if you have a disease such as HIV. Issues may also occur if you have diabetes that you don't control effectively. Lyme disease and lupus are two other problems that may lead to yeast infections.

Dealing with frequent yeast infections certainly isn't a good thing. If you're looking for help, then come learn how you can prevent yeast infections. If over OTC meds aren't working out for you, then check out a few other yeast infection treatments that you can try.

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