MICEP hosted Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs as Guest Speaker


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  • Published October 12, 2012
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Mique International Conference and Event Planners (MICEP) hosted Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs, Professor of Business Studies and International Hospitality Expert and Consultant, as Guest Speaker on "Globalization in the International Hospitality & Tourism Workplace", held at the Megatrade Conference Center in Manila on August 10, 2012.

Globalization has enhanced the diversity experienced in the hospitality and tourism industry because of its multicultural nature. Hospitality and Tourism involves the movement of people from their usual surroundings, either within the country or internationally.

The Hospitality and Tourism sectors present unique opportunities to understand new cultural experiences for both, employees and the tourists. It is important for the personnel to understand and appreciate different cultures to enhance the nature of their interactions with tourists of different cultures, religions, races, colors, ages and genders. Workplace diversity not only facilitates easy understanding of different cultural, social and economic perspectives but also enhances the delivery of satisfactory services through communication and observation.

Workplace diversity in the hospitality and tourism sectors is enhanced through visions that promote equal employment opportunities to cater for the different nationalities in this very challenging industry sector. As such, businesses in this industry need to establish organizational policies that encourage intercultural activities such as cultural educational programs, forums, seminars and workshops. Businesses also should employ organizational structure that comprise of people from different regions and races and spread key appointments to qualified staff from across the board.

Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs says: "It is vitally important for young aspiring hospitality professionals to understand the demands placed upon them in an ever changing fast paced diverse workplace. Moreover to understand what international employers are looking for in their future talents that they wish to acquire will help young people to be better prepared and focus more and ultimately be able to obtain the career of their aspirations".

In an increasing multicultural working environment, we have to realize and use education for cultural diversity as an opportunity to add value to the education process through the creation of more dynamic learning outcomes within the Hospitality and Tourism Workplace. Education for cultural diversity means an education which aims to educate people equally and help people get along with each other peacefully. The purpose of this is to ensure, that the Hospitality and Tourism Industry has the right people to grow and perform at the top and that all sectors within the industry are working together on the issues, that will influence the performance in this industry.

In conclusion, the problems in our global economy have impacted tourism and hotels worldwide and yet, expansion has not ceased completely. It has been noticed, that the trend today is to expand towards the Pacific Rim countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. Employees across the tourism and hospitality sectors need to be appropriately skilled and able, through the application of their expertise, to contribute to the growth and development of a sustainable, productive and profitable tourism and hospitality industry.

I am a Swiss national who has been residing in Thailand for 12 years, yet traveled globally on short assignments and consulting projects. Born, raised and educated in Switzerland, with extensive American (north and south) and Asian hospitality industry and academic experience, make me an effective manager that is capable to bridge any cultural gap.

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