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At some point in an automobile’s functioning existence, it will need some repairs or replacement for its parts. A visit to your mechanic is not always necessary, especially since you can take a hands-on approach and actually get the replacements done yourself which saves you money. Auto repair is not rocket science and you can learn the basics by consulting good auto repair guides freely found on the World Wide Web, which often provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on all sorts of auto repair. However, before you have to replace your parts, it is best to keep them in good condition so that they may last longer.

Proper cleaning of your wheels is one way of ensuring you get good performance for longer from them. For routine cleaning, using just a mild soap and water will be enough. However, when you want to carry out thorough cleaning, you need to know the type of finish used on your wheels so that you do not cause any damage on them.

Different finishes require different types of cleaners, so you need to know what kind of finish your wheels are made of.

To properly clean your wheels and keep them in perfect shape, here are some key pointers you need to keep in mind;

•First ensure that the vehicle is parked under a shade so that the sun does not dry the soap faster than you can rinse it off, and remember to turn off the engine to cool the metal and the brakes around the rims. Don't let abrasive tire cleaners come into contact with your wheels, and try not to spray cold water on hot wheels. Using a mild soap and water, lather your wheels sufficiently.

•Rinse off the wheels. Depending on the coating on your wheels and the amount of dirt, you may use a pressure washer. Then, using cleansers that contain no additives like bleach add a few drops of the cleanser in a large bucket of water and properly mix it.

•After rinsing your wheels, choose a suitable polish and evenly polish them up. For clear coated wheels, use a polishing cleaner that is provided by the manufacturer. The main reason for polishing is to enhance the shine of the glossy rims after washing- and you can do this using a rag in circular motion until the whole area is evenly coated.

•Finally, if you have chrome-plated wheels, wax them until the wax is completely rubbed in and is not noticeable. If you have clear coated wheels, you may leave out this step. The wax will create a layer between dirt, debris, oil and even the rims, making it easier for you the next time you clean your rims and also prevents surface corrosion.

Following the above simple steps, you’re sure to maintain the great look of your tires for a long period of time. Doing your homework in terms of knowing your needs, your budget and the best tire manufacturers in the market for your auto is very important to get the right quality wheels in the first place. Having a good routine maintenance on your auto will keep your wheels running for longer and save you money.

Jennifer G from is a professional writer and avid auto enthusiast specializing in auto accessories and performance products. Learn more about this from Dick Cepek tires.

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