Can Speedy Oil Change Service Stations Be Reputable?

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  • Author Carson Ngoun
  • Published November 27, 2012
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Many people either don't have the time or the know how to change their own oil so they end up going to those fast oil change service station. But are these motor oil change places on the up and up? In this article, I am going to concentrate on why it isn't a good idea to go to these places and why you should find a regular mechanic instead.

I am sure you know that every car has certain rules of thumb about when certain services should be done. You have appointed upkeep for things like air filter change or an oil change. Still have you really looked over the owner's instructions for your car? I can pretty much guarantee whenever you look through the owners manual of your car you will find that your oil doesn't need to be changed every 3,000 miles like all those oil change places tell you. Actually if you happen to look in your book you may find that you only need to change your oil every 6,000 or even 7,000 miles. So, as you think of it, these quick oil change places are lying to you so they can take your money.

If you study the owner's manual, you should also see the moment you should get the air filters changed. In my case, it is advised that I change my car's air filter every two years or if it's all clogged up. In my situation, the air filter continued to looked okay after four years but I opted to change it anyway just in case. However, these quick oil changes would always tell me that I must have the air filter changed. Six months after I changed my personal air filter without any help, I took my car to one of these oil change places and I was told that my air filter needed to be changed. They alleged that the air filter was starting to discolor which meant that it would start clogging at anytime. When I told them that I had just changed it a few months previous, they then told me it needed to be replaced in another six months or so.

What bothered me was that they initially informed me that the filter had to be changed. Then when I told them about the new air filter, they changed their reply. This just shows how shady and evil these people are.

There's once where these folks changed my transmission fluid. This seems like they're going to tell you that your transmission fluid should be changed everytime you visit. This one time I authorized these people to do it. Then about 3 months later when I made it back for an oil change they told me my transmission fluid was grimy and needed to be changed. After that, I never went to these businesses again.

We've since located an honest mechanic and I don't bring my cars any place else anymore. One thing that I uncovered is most employees who work at these quick oil change places are not certified to fix cars, they just know how to con people. While an authorized mechanic has gotten the proper education.

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