How To Become Successful, To Follow You're Desire


  • Author Jonathan Bejba
  • Published August 4, 2014
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How to be successful. Why aren't you successful? You're successful in life because you are doing the wrong things.

You have to first have a desire in life. Once you have desire you have a goal you strive to reach. Don't sell yourself short. If you ask for a penny, just a penny. You will get just a penny.

The universe is there for you to give. Make sure you demand what you truly desire. You have to know it is possible. If you have any doubt in your mind it will not come true as you do not have faith that you can achieve it. What does the universe do in this case? It grants your desire.

Write down what you desire on paper. Set a date to when you will achieve this desire. See yourself with this desire. Make it clear in your mind that you have achieved this desire. If it is money, write down how much money, be specific, don't just say a lot. The more specific you are the clearer the picture.

Start off by saying I desire, fill in the blank. You do this because the word desire is more powerful then the word want. Want is a statement saying that you do not have this, and that you can not see yourself having this. Desire is more powerful in it's meaning. It means that you command to have this, and will find a way to achieve this.

After finish writing your desire on a piece of paper, read it. Read it in the morning, once in the afternoon, and at night. You are getting familiar with your desire and commanding it to be reality. Every time you read it, you see yourself achieving this desire. You strive in your actions everyday to achieve this as you begin to know it to be reality. You are accepting into your reality.

Your desire will get you through the rough patch, because your focus will only be on attaining this into reality. Go ahead dream big. Let your desire carry you through to achieving your goals. You must know it is possible and you will attain it. Commanding your mind to form this into reality will make it appear as you find a way to bring it to existence.

Do this exercise everyday. Start to command to the universe, your surroundings, to grant you your desires. The mind is an amazing tool, and the world around us has infinite possibilities.

I know you can achieve great things. You think Edison invented the light bulb just like that. No, he had a dream, and a desire to make it reality. It took him 10,000 attempts, but he got it. Why? He didn't give up, he let his desire bring him there. He convinced his mind to bring it to reality. You can do the same.

I surround myself with successful people everyday to help me progress on my journey to success. I'm creating my own success with every step i take, every breath i take, I am achieving success. Switching your mindset will get you to living your desires. Begin your amazing journey to success.

Your best kind of thinking got you where you are now. You must take action and surround yourself with the right kind of people. You will find what it takes to become successful, and you commanding to the universe to grant you success. Be apart of something that will change your life, and show you how to become successful.

Success is not in some of us, it's in all of us. There's plenty to go around. It's time to take action and change your life. You deserve it.

Hi my names Jonathan. I'm always looking to grow and become a better human being. I strive for success and am grateful to be a part of program that's getting me there with every step i take.

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