Why do people succeed while others fail?


  • Author Seun Maku
  • Published November 5, 2014
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Why is it that some people never seem to have luck on their side while some others just seem to be strutting along in life enjoying all the goodies of life? Why is it that Mother Nature seems to curse some while she makes others flourish? Is it that these ones who happen to really be living the good life came to planet earth with a scroll in their hands that says "this one will succeed", while he ones who seem to suffer just came to earth like that, naked.


Success does not matter or care where she lands. She goes to the person who knows how to summon her. Someone who knows her excrete and knows how to get her to do his will.

Success is for everybody.

Nobody deserves to fail. Nobody deserves to live a life of mediocrity all the days of his life.

The reason you see some people wallow in failure is because they don't know the secrets of summoning lady success. These secrets that the successful ones all over the world have used time and time again to get what they want in life.

Now I will give you some of the secrets the rich and successful have honed over the years to get to where they are and I hope as you read and learn these secrets you begin to imbibe them into your life and start taking the necessary actions to achieving complete success at an alarming rate.

Success secrets: 1. Spend thirty seconds now to think of that one thing you do very well. That something people always commend you for. That thing that when you're doing it time just flies away. This thing is what you love. Doing what you love and are passionate about is one thing that separates the successes from the failures of today. When you want to achieve success in life and you start going towards a direction that does not appeal to you in anyway. When you start doing something you hate, even if you are paid well at it you would be frustrated and depressed and because maybe you have a family, you use the family as an excuse to continue doing what you hate because you want to be able to feed your family.

Let me tell you something, in the long run you become more and more unhappy and it affects your entire family.

Doing what you you love and what makes you happy is the no 1 reason achieving a lifetime of success because when you do what you love, even if you do it for 18 hours in a day, you'll have fun doing it and it would not be like work to you anymore.

You be more happy and your family will enjoy you the more plus when you do something for love the money comes anyway.

So what are you still sitting down here waiting for? Get up right now and start doing what you love and never have to work a single day in your life again.

This is to your success.

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Seun maku is an author and a public speaker on motivation, success and taking charge of your life and destiny. He has dedicated his life to helping youths and young adults take total control of their lives and creating unlimited amount of wealth.

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