The Metaphysics of the New Apple iPhone6 and 6 Plus: Why You should Buy One


  • Author Devinda Goonewardene
  • Published December 13, 2014
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The new Apple iPhone 6, which has just been released in Australia, is a huge combination of healing, sharing, growing tools, from a metaphysical perspective.

In case you have not heard much about this viewpoint, I outline what these theories work with. Some years back a book appeared in the public domain called Vibrational Medicine by Dr Richard Gerber. In this book, there was a convergence of thinking which saw modern Newtonian medicine as only half the truth. In fact a combination of conventional medicine and Vibrational Medicine could give people the chance to live their lives to the fullest by incorporating theories of energy physics - as the best overall answer.

Energy physics can be applied to the technologies that we use every day. Natural vibrational flower essences such as the Bach Flower Remedies discovered and classified by Dr Edward Bach in Britain in the 1930s emphasized Nature and natural processes in healing psychological and emotional issues. Here the emphasis is on the root causative connection to mental and physical health and to see the personality of the person presenting with such issues in a holistic way. So too quartz crystals are a part of such medicine. Different type of crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz and citrine and amethyst have metaphysical properties such as being able to heal and balance the energy centres of the human body known as chakras or the 7 major spinning wheels of light which is the subtle energy system upon which the physical body is built.

The metaphysical properties of computers, tablets, mobile phones, watches all use the subtle energies of the above mentioned naturally occurring energies that are tapped into to give huge powers to care for the physical body and the psychological self. In these the major component is the quartz crystal timing chips which structure everyday realities such as time, and perceptions of beingness in existence on planet Earth.

In terms of the iPhone6 and 6 plus, the energies are a synthesis of the numerological number 6 - which represents a involvement in families and family life. Its quartz crystal energy has the power to create loving relationships of various types and to solidify those relationships for the best possible way to heal loneliness and a sense of disconnection.

So too are the chips that are used in these phones- the A8 64-bit processor is metaphysically one that gives people psychic guidance in terms of the ability to tap into astral (other worlds and planets on a different dimensional level) and thereby be able to find answers to their personal questions. In terms of the M8 motion processor, this gives information and guidance on where to be and when - i.e. being able to synchronize with others on group soul level.

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus have a psychic connection to The Runes - ancient Nordic forecasting system which can be used in combination with the pebbles with symbols on them, to create a sense of the future and what ones goal and ambitions are. As such these phones are excellent for young people particularly adolescent children as they learn how to navigate an increasingly uncertain future.

I am a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer, currently working with Edgar Cayce, Dr Edward Bach, and Mozart in the Spirit world.

I live in Melbourne Australia and would welcome comments on my article.

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