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  • Published January 25, 2015
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Michigan is home to the automotive capital of the world, the Great Lakes and some seriously cold weather. The state also boasts many famous companies including Citizens Insurance Michigan, which has been selling quality casualty and property insurance for over 100 years.

Citizens insurance sells a broad range of insurance products including business owners, commercial as well as the award winning Citizens auto insurance, which millions of residents trust for all of their vehicles.

Citizens auto insurance

Michigan auto insurance costs have increased slightly in recent years due to inflation as well as insurance fraud, which has really plagued the area.

This fraud includes bogus accidents as well as shady auto repair shops who increase claim costs. The average yearly automobile insurance rates are about $985, but if you are in the market for insurance, there are several things you can do to get cheaper rates.

First, check all of the discounts you qualify for at Citizens insurance Michigan. These include safe driving discounts, good student, or military. Next, bundle both your home and auto insurance together under one policy.

Citizens home insurance provides outstanding protection at affordable rates to just about anything that could happen to your home. With a bundled discount, you can be fully protected at rates below the state averages.

It is especially important to get full coverage Citizens insurance Michigan protection because accident rates are higher than normal in the state. Each year about 1,000 people die in vehicle accidents.

It is a sad reality but about one-third of these are due to drunk driving. As a driver, never drive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and always get buckled up.

It's also smart to get extra coverage if your budget allows for it ,such as Citizens car insurance with uninsured motorist protection. Many alcohol related accidents are hit and runs and you need to be adequately insured for such unfortunate situations.

Michigan insurance laws

There are still a lot of weird law on the books in Michigan, such as it is totally legal for someone who enters your home and robs you to file a lawsuit against you if they get hurt. There are also unique auto insurance laws in Michigan you need to be aware of.

All drivers must buy the state's minimum auto insurance amounts. This includes Michigan liability insurance which is commonly referred to as "no fault insurance" which is:

*$20,000 for bodily injury

*$40,000 for bodily injury for the total injuries occurred in an accident

  • $10,000 in liability coverage for property damage

Shop online for cheap Michigan insurance

All of Citizens Insurance Michigan customers can rest assured that every policy sold is in full legal compliance with the state. If you have any questions about Citizens car insurance or any other inquiry, a helpful representative will gladly assist you anytime. Get a free online quote and see how easy finding cheap Citizens insurance can be.

Use the free application and select Citizens insurance Michigan or Citizens auto insurance and answer a few simple questions. In just a few minutes we will match you with the lowest possible rate available.

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