How To Fail At Time Management Through Procrastination And Just Plain Laziness!


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  • Published August 5, 2015
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For most people time management can be very difficult. Effective time management begins with understanding what needs to be done and then knowing how much time you have to do it. Everyone knows what needs to be done, but most of us fail to turn our thoughts into action.


Could it be procrastination or just plain laziness?

Probably not, successful time management depends on understanding what you are doing with your time each and every day. Managing your time more effectively will allow you to accomplish your tasks more quickly and bring you closer to your goals. Take the time each day to think about what needs to be done, and then do something about it!

Tips For Successful Time Management

  1. Know exactly what you want in life. It is so easy for people to spend a whole day working and then accomplish nothing of any real value. Ask yourself, "What exactly am I trying to accomplish here?" If you do not define your goals and figure out your destination, then how will you know when you have arrived?

  2. Complete one task at a time. Once you begin something stay with it until it is complete. A lot of time can be wasted switching tasks because you have to take time to prepare for each new task. Time can also be wasted breaking a task down into smaller tasks, just get it done! Concentrate on one thing only, get it done, and then move on. Try not to fill your mind with so many things to do that you

stress yourself out and get nothing done!

  1. Get busy! Most of us go through life not knowing what we want. We spend too much time in a state of "I do not know what to do". Decide what you want and then work on getting it! Remember that most of us will lean a lot more by doing than by just thinking.

  2. Say No! Do not make the mistake of ignoring those who are most important, family. If you cannot say no, then you will soon find yourself pulled in to many directions. No matter how important your obligations may be, spend time with your family. Stick with your area of expertise, do what you do best, no more.

  3. Set priorities. Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. Every day stop and ask yourself, what do I have to do today? Focus only on those tasks that must be completed, not on what you would like to do.

  4. Learn how to delegate. If you insist on handling every task yourself, not only will you not succeed but other areas of your life, such as family and health will suffer. Turn over those routine tasks to others and concentrate on those things that require your knowledge and skills.

  5. Develop the habit of making decisions as soon as possible. If you cannot make a decision right away, then set aside some time when you can gather all the facts and then make the decision. Spend most of your time on action, not decision making.

  6. Organize your email. If possible, answer your email right away. Try not to read it and then leave it in your inbox. Create folders and transfer the email you want to keep. Create a folder for pending emails that will need your attention later. Delete junk email right away, do not waste your time reading it.

  7. How many times have you heard, "Always finish what you start?" If you made a decision in the past that is no longer providing you with the results you expect, then forget it! Move on to something else. Re-evaluate what is happening now to decide what to do next. Do not forget that failure can be your friend.

If you remember one thing, then I suggest this, do it now! When you put things off you waste a lot of time because you will constantly dwell on them. Thinking and planning are important, but results come only with action.

Time management is not about giving up what you like, it is about becoming more productive and discovering more of what you already love. Refuse to spend your time where it absolutely will not give you the very best results. Invest your time only in what will pay off big!

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