Imagination Fuels Imagination


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  • Published November 3, 2016
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Every invention also leads to the creation of a new knowledge. Knowledge is created to fulfill the necessity of the human beings. How does the necessity or the desire of people get converted to knowledge?"

The answer lies in the ability of human beings to imagine what is beyond the sensory perception- sight, sound, taste, smell and feel.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research." – Albert Einstein

It is through the human imagination that all knowledge has been created. Knowledge can be represented in any form like words, pictures, diagram or audio-visual medium. The knowing of knowledge again triggers imagination as the needs keep on evolving, which again produces fresh knowledge.

As children, we have the most vivid, uninhibited dreams, and at this time we truly were the artists of our life. We invented, laughed deep and some of us even liked to play in dirt, carefree. And there are those who as they grew to an adult, continued to work on their uninhibited dreams, their masterpiece. They chose to follow their own advice rather than the crowd and found their way off the evasive clone carousel. They became the influencers of society, the initiators of knowledge and the creators of what we do or use now, here is an example;

Artist, mathematician and architect, Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans of underwater crafts. This fueled the imagination of author Jules Verne and from this knowledge he created a story, one with a submarine called Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, long before we traveled underwater.

With his book, Jules Verne fueled the imagination of readers and inventors, advances in technology and human occupied submersible vehicles were created. These submersibles fueled the imagination of author, Tom Clancy, and this led to the invention of his novel, The Hunt For Red October. This novel and others fueled the imagination of screenwriters and directors bringing to us more movies, Tom Clancy’s novel, for example; gave opportunities for actors such as Sean Connery to play in the world of inventions. And the imagination continued to be fueled giving scientists the opportunity to explore the seafloor with remotely operated vehicles.

Thought is imagination and it is the essence for creating our physical existence, at all times. Life outcome is transmitted through imagination by choice and decision. The code and the activator. A single thought is the bar code transmitted to the Universe or "the formless substance – A thinking stuff that forms all things." as Wallace Wattles calls it in his book, "The Science Of Getting Rich.," This transmitted bar code will give evidence of the exact product.

Choice is thought we give our attention to or what we believe to be true, the bar code of the product. If we extend this thought, we have decided to activate this in the thinking stuff (formless substance) and bring to fruition the product (outcome) into our life. It can be joy, a touchable item, a feeling, fear or doubt. Even fear and doubt is a decision. The more we repeat thoughts we make the decision to reinforce specific thought patterns and welcome them into our life results again and again. Good or bad, we get what we decide every time.

Jules Verne repeated his thoughts of underwater travel when he wrote his book. Readers repeated these thoughts when they read it.

In any moment, we can change our thought patterns regardless of how much we have repeated them and relieve ourselves from our restrictive beliefs and decisions. Einstein stated;

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once."

Everything cannot happen at once. Choose one pattern, one frequency. To feel healthy instead ill, safe instead of concern, or happy instead of anything you don’t feel great about. All we need do is to decide not analyze how we are feeling, or want to feel, this is only adding resistance if we overthink good or bad.

Or you could imagine…

We are not limited to only thinking about what we desire. Even playing with our imagination, producing ideas of what is not present or has not been experienced will change the frequency transmitted to the formless substance and create patterns that bring into existence knowledge for legacy’s.

Imagination is inherent within all of us. Stir your giant within by finding inspiration; your journey will sprout and cultivate, and imagination will fuel imagination. Wherever the inspiration is found, it matters not, the only important thing is this is the story of your new future, with the greatest potential of a legacy; and will begin the moment you write upon the Universal canvas with your thoughts.

Allow yourself to Imagine. Use this word often. Because it is in this word that a mystery and one of the secrets is hidden.

"Great things are only possible with outrageous requests." – Thea Alexander

Termina Ashton a Transformational Speaker and Author also an exponent of Feng Shui, mentor and interior designer, her qualifications also include architectural drafting, medicine and as a life coach. Termina has gained the title ‘Master of Imagination’, she has used her skills to work on many commercial projects, including an open design radio station, Fox Studios and a variety of set designs, where her own artwork was exhibited for TV and film.

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