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In California, the aging population is rapidly growing which has made the California Department of Aging (CDA) to run some certain programs that serve older adults, adults with disabilities, care providers, and residents in long-term care services all through the state.

The elderly today in California faces many difficulties with performing daily activities, caring for themselves independently, getting the insurance that is right for them as a senior citizen and safety. Some don’t get the right diet for them and need the assistance of the elderly care services in California in making certain decision which cannot be gotten from their family members either because their family lives far away or they have no surviving family member or have been abandoned by their family members.

In California there are several senior health care services in California that provide help to senior citizens of the state. These programs listed here are for seniors, caregivers and adults with disabilities. These California health care providers make old age easy for the elderly.

Multipurpose Senior Services Program

These local Multipurpose Senior Service Program (MSSP) sites offer elderly health care in California. These services are for frail senior clients who are certifiable for settlement in a nursing facility, but wish to stay in the community. The purpose of this program is to organize for and observe the use of community facilities to avoid or delay early institutional settlement of these frail elderly clients. These services must be given at a cost that is lower than that for nursing service care.

The clients qualified for this program must be up to 65 years of age and above, must live within a site's service area, must be able to be served within MSSP's charge restrictions, must be suitable for care management facilities, must presently be qualified for Medi-Cal, and certifiable for settlement in a nursing facility.

Residential Care For The Elderly

There are more than 8100 certified residential care facilities for the elderly in California today. The residential home health and social care service is a system of non-medical safekeeping care which can be offered in a single family home, a retirement home or in any suitable care facility including a nursing home. Over 90percent of the residential care homes are certified for 6 or lesser residents housed in a private residential home setting.

Residential care service is cost effective as well, almost about half the price of nursing home care. The price of residential care for the elderly ranges from 1500 dollars to 4,500 dollars a month, which actually depends on the care requirements, the location of the facility and the value of the accommodations. An elderly person still has the opportunity to do certain activities as they wish or are able to, in a residential care setting. They can go to the beach, go shopping, dine out, go for walks, and have friends and family come over for a visit whenever they want.

Elderly Nutrition Services

The California health care service providers offer an essential link in keeping or maintaining the health of senior citizens in California by averting untimely institutionalization and enhancing their general quality of life. In this service, Californians 60 years of age or older are served with preference offered to those in higher economic or social needs and to the low-income multi-ethnic persons. The service participants are given the chance to contribute to the expense of the meal. The meals must meet the nutritional criteria by giving at least one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)

Senior Community Services Employment Program

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is also known as Title V. It offers opportunities for part-time work based training at the local community service agencies for the elderly in California, who have poor occupation prospects and are without a job. This service helps people to find job opportunities in the community through various supportive services like personal and job related counseling, job referrals and job trainings. The service providers also inform employers about the advantage of employing older workers. The persons who can partake in the program must be a California resident, must be at least 55 years of age and have an earning that does not surpass 125 percent of the federal poverty level.

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