Knoxville Funeral Services: Five Benefits of Pre-Planning Services

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  • Published March 18, 2019
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While it isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, planning ahead can take a lot of the stress and uncertainty out of life when it comes to losing a loved one. Whether you are considering pre-planning services for yourself or a loved one, you are making a wise decision. Having arrangements pre-made gives you peace of mind in knowing that things are taken care of so that when the time does come, you can focus on what really matters.

Benefit #1: More Time to Decide

Waiting until a loved one passes to plan services puts most people in a time crunch, of sorts. There is a sense of urgency to make decisions and get the funeral wrapped up within a week or so of the death, which can add a level of pressure to an already stressful situation. If you plan ahead, you will not have to worry about any last-minute or hasty decisions. You can take your time to review all of the options and make sure that you get exactly what you want.

Benefit #2: Alleviate the Family’s Obligation

Pre-planning for your own funeral is going to take a lot of stress and responsibility off of your spouse, children, or other family members that may have been involved in the funeral arrangement process after your death. You can alleviate the financial and emotional burdens by planning ahead and having everything in place. Then, their only responsibility is to call the funeral home when the time comes.

Benefit #3: Leave No Bill Behind

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to pre-planning a funeral is that you can also pre-pay for all of the services. Often, payment arrangements can be made to help alleviate the expense associated with funeral and burial services. The funeral home can also help Your loved ones will have enough final expenses to worry about after your death. This doesn’t have to be one of them.

Benefit #4: Services are Often Transferrable

Funeral pre-planning is a common practice among funeral homes. Most arrangements can be re-established with another funeral home (including the pre-payment transfer) in the event that you move or have another reason for wanting to switch funeral homes in the future.

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