Want to know to adjust the speed of wipers?

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Do you still worry about how to adjust the speed of the wipers?

Don’t worry.

Topex tell you how to do it?

Car wiper is the car rainy day driving a weapon, rainy day driving wiper can remove the windshield on the rain and dirt and other easy to block the line of sight, learned to drive to know how to use the wiper, but many people do not know the speed of the wiper How to adjust. Topex here can share a few car wiper speed

adjustment tips, hoping to help you better use the car wiper.

Car wiper basic knowledge

Car wiper: generally by the fast, slow two-speed sustained file, intermittent file and a single gear. In the next heavy rain, fast, slow two sustained files will often be used, and in the light rain, intermittent file convenience is reflected.

In general: ① wipers in the continuous low-speed operating frequency of about 20-45 times / min (the fastest 3 seconds to complete a job).

② wiper in the high-speed file can even reach more than 45 times / minute frequency.

③ Intermittent wiper work time is generally the same with the continued low gear, but will increase the intermittent about 2-12 seconds.

When driving, the owner can judge the use of the appropriate frequency according to the weather.

Now a lot of cars, wipers are provided an intermittent gear.

In fact, not every trip will encounter the case of heavy rain, if the wipers are only using fast, slow two sustained files, then it is easy to cause visual dizziness. If the wiper can be intermittent work at this time, not only can reduce the frequent movement of the wiper caused by visual fatigue, but also to ensure a clear vision while effectively reducing the wiper wear.

Car wiper speed adjustment tips

When dialing the wiper lever, it is generally set to "up" or "down" to the specific model.

Dial a gear is intermittent file, and then dial up a gear for the slow sustained file, the last file for the fast continuous file.

In addition:you can trigger the wiper work once by turning the lever down. There is also a knob on the wiper's lever, which is the wiper's intermittent speed control knob. Speed control knobs generally have several gears, when the wiper in the gap file, through the knob to adjust the wiper frequency (speed) is gradually change. In this way, it is easy to find the appropriate intermittent frequency when dealing with different rainfall conditions.

Adjustable speed intermittent wipers are equipped with many models, you can observe the car under the wiper, the operating steps are basically the same. In some models only provide non-adjustable speed intermittent file, if living in more rain areas, then the need to consider when the car. In addition, some models used in conjunction with the speed of the wiper intermittent file, and some models are used rain sensor and wiper gap file speed linkage mechanism, such models are generally no adjustable wiper intermittent file (is automatic) Driving the owners need to pay more attention.

Adjust the speed of the wiper on the car on the speed knob can easily get the speed of the wiper!

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