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  • Published June 14, 2018
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Some people like having a warm shower, while others prefer cold showers. Showering is an interesting process that makes you appreciate the fresh scent of soap and a clean feeling that allows you to feel rejuvenated as you become recharged for the day or night ahead.

When you stand in the shower feeling the water drip all over your body, you are not only cleaning off germs from your body but also dissipating stagnant energy from your body. When water runs down from your head to your back and finally to your feet, it helps to open up your chakras, or energy centers, which help you raise your body vibration and energize your soul. This process can also boost your creativity, as it is commonly said that,"some of greatest insights come to us when we are showering."

Although it is good to take short showers to save water and electricity bills, we are going to look at three meditation exercises that you can perform in a few minutes while taking a shower. These exercises allow you to incorporate spirituality and mindfulness into our daily routine.

The First Shower Meditation

As you apply soap on your body, repeat this mantra - "I clean myself to become light, at ease and at peace." Repeat this mantra several times as you scrub your body. As you start rinsing off the soap, imagine releasing all the negative energy from your body.

Secondly, use your hand to make a flicking motion around your body as a way to cleans any negative energy that is hanging around your body. Lastly, stand still as water passes through your body, close your eyes and picture the water creating a protective layer of golden-white light around your body. Take three deep breaths as you see the white light in your mind's eye. For more mantras or inspiring quotes, see Dr Kim’s words of wisdom in her new book, "Seven Steps to Inner Power" on Barnes and Noble today.

The Second Shower Meditation

Open the shower and stand to face the shower head as the water runs down the back of your neck. This is an important chakra spot known as Cerebellum Chakra. It is a place where your creativity can be unlocked.

As water rashes down your neck, become aware of the sensation and focus on the feeling it brings to you, without shifting our attention to anything else. As this happens, keep your mind quiet and focus on experiencing the feeling in its entirety.

The reason for this is to be aware and become attentive to everything that is happening at that very moment. You can take five deep breaths to help keep your mind still.

The Third Shower Meditation

Repeat the following mantra as you shower, "Thank you; I love life." This mantra releases gratitude as you wash your body and allow yourself to feel the love of self and the love of everything that is happening around you. As you do this, you can even focus on individual body parts that you want to extend your gratitude and feeling of love to.

As you take your time to rinse off the soap from your body, you can close your eyes and position your hands at the heart enter. While water is dripping all over your body, take five deep breaths and allow the feeling of gratitude to radiate from your heart to your body and out through your breath.

As a closing practice to the meditation exercise, you can repeat the same mantra, "Thank you, I love life."


It is easy to think of a lot of things while you are taking a shower, but if you take those few minutes in the shower to meditate and prepare your body for the day ahead, you be able to fully focus on your day’s activities without being distracted.

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Dr. Tae Yun Kim is a martial arts great grandmaster. She began her training at the age of seven, defying five thousand years of tradition prohibiting girls from learning martial arts in South Korea.

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