7 Trendy Inground Pool Designs You Can Choose


  • Author Tom Lobrow
  • Published July 24, 2018
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Inground pools are very popular in all states not only in a single area. With our inground pool designs and premium quality materials, it’ll be one of the main attractions for your home. Let’s check out some awesome inground pool designs which are trending in 2018.

The most favored designs

  1. Rectangular inground pool design

This is the simplest design of all. This design is very suitable for pool covers. You can buy any kind of pool cover and it’ll perfectly fit on your pool surface. If you have a limited budget, you can choose this. The design ensures maximum usage of your space.

  1. Oval or Round inground pool design

Above image shows oval-shaped pool which is liked by many homeowners. But round shaped pools are more popular than oval shaped ones. The cost is the main reason for choosing round design. But you can always choose the one you like most. For your information, round shaped inground pools cost almost half of the oval shaped pools.

  1. Kidney-Shaped inground pool design

This design had become popular since the 1940s. People liked it and still like it because of its naturalistic appeal, retro cachet, functional design, and flexibility. For those who want modern architecture with the old-school look, the kidney-shaped pool is the best option. One disadvantage of having such design is you won’t find perfectly fitted pool cover for your pool. But it’s easily solvable by buying large covers.

  1. The Figure-8 inground pool design

It literally looks the number 8 and you can increase the length by adding some more open loop to it. With some coloring and design modification, you can give it the look of a guitar. It is pretty apparent that an 8-shaped pool resembles the quantity eight, with round or round shapes on the ends and a narrower region within the center, like an hourglass. The ends of this kind of pool do now not ought to be the precise identical length where one can be larger than the opposite.

  1. The Octagon inground pool design

This design is more like a formal one. Not much people like this design. But it’s good for some homeowners for land shape. This classical design may also be helpful in choosing covers.

  1. Novelty or Custom-Shaped inground pool design

Now, custom shaped pools are the most demandable ones. It’s because everyone likes to have a uniquely designed pool in their homes. Sometimes the custom shapes are just a combination of different traditional designs and sometimes they are just unique. We have preferred shapes that resembles a musical instrument or pet or any memory.

  1. L-Shaped inground pool design

The L-shaped design is not so unique. You can say it is an extension of a rectangular pool design. This design can give you some variation and advantages.


Some shapes and designs are too common. So, if you have the option, you should go for some unusual design. Our experts can help you with any design ideas.

Pools are not only useful for swimming. If you want to throw an awesome outdoor house party, the pool at your house will be the best option. Pool design plays a vital role in arranging a fantastic house party.

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