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It’s no secret that the weather in WA is an arid one, prone to long hot days, and little rain, especially in the south-west of the state. In addition, a thriving population and expanding industry in Perth necessitates the need to manage the state’s water resources more efficiently and effectively. Permanent water restrictions have been in place since 2007, with a sprinkler ban implemented in 2010 for the winter months. The summer restrictions apply from 1 September to 31 May, whereas the winter restrictions apply from 1 June to 31 August. During the summer, scheme and domestic bore users are allowed to turn on their sprinklers 2 days a week, whereas bore only users are allocated an additional day. Be sure to check the water corporation site to find out when your Perth watering days are, as they are determined by street number.

What you Can Do

While you are only allowed to activate your sprinklers on watering days, you are granted a few other allowances outside of the allocated watering days.Homeowners may hand water their plants with a hose outside of their watering days, especially if you have a particularly thirsty plant or parts of your lawn that needs extra care. While hand watering, it is a good idea to invest in a handheld sprayer as it is more efficient. Direct the watering to the roots of the plant, rather than the leaves, as plants absorb water through their roots. You are also allowed to top up any water features you have installed in your residences such as swimming pools, ponds and fountains. In addition, you may also wash your car with a hose.

Water Saving Tips

Keeping your garden green and lush even with water restrictions in place is completely possible. Here are a few tips that can help ensure that your plants thrive even with less watering.

Waterwise Garden

Designing a waterwise garden with a good balance between plants, lawn and pavement can greatly reduce the need for watering while still maintaining the appeal of your property. In addition, choosing waterwise plants and selecting the right kind of grass for your lawn will help you manage your garden better as they require less watering and will thrive well during hot weather. Check the Water Corporation’s site for more information on waterwise plants.


It is a good idea to bolster the soil periodically with soil improvers and wetting agents to boost its water and nutrient holding capacity. This will the ground retain moisture and keep your plants healthy and fresh between waterings.

When to Water

Watering your plants before 9am allows the water to properly sink into the soil and be available to your plants when the temperature climbs in the middle of the day. Watering in the middle of the day will not be as effective as the water is likely to evaporate from the surface of the ground before it can penetrate deep into the ground.

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If you’re looking for information Western Australia watering days, contact Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services.

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