Microsoft Outlook problems like freezing, corrupt PST, Profile, Add-in, and so forth

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the maximum commonly used Emails by you. So it’s miles natural that you must have a number of issues with it, like common begin-up problems, freezing, sluggish response, corrupt PST or Profile or Add-in, etc.

Microsoft Outlook problems and problems

In this publish; we will advise some suggestions that may assist you in resolving these Microsoft Outlook troubles on your Windows laptop.

Outlook upload-in corrupt

Most of the time the troubles with Outlook are because of poorly written upload-ins which may be set up with software; which most of the instances we receiver’s even understand!

As step one, we need to attempt to disable the upload-ins and notice if that resolves the trouble. Add-ins can purpose Outlook, not to open. It can even freeze or reason ‘now not-responding’ problems!

Here are a few strategies, I advise, which you may use to disable the add-ins.

Outlook 2003: Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Add-in Manager

Outlook 2007: Tools > Trust Center > Add-ins

Outlook 2010/2013/2016: File > Options > Add-ins. There you’ll locate COM Add-ins pick out that option and uncheck all non-Microsoft related upload-ins you would also select the Exchange upload-ins and disable it from there as properly. Then close Outlook.

Step 1

Sometimes Outlook simply won’t close -it will remain still going for walks in Task Manager. So we have to open the Task Manager.

Go to Process tab and search for Exe and kill the service.

Then, re-open Outlook and spot if the trouble is still there.

Step 2

Download OfficeIns from Nirsoft. Close Outlook. Make certain it’s now not strolling within the Task Manager.

Then open OfficeIns. Select the Add-in and Right Click on You’ll find an option referred to as "Change Start Mode".

And choose Disabled and then Select "Change Connect Mode" and choose No. Follow the same system for all non-Microsoft upload-ins.

Once you disable all of the upload-ins, the open Outlook and check it.

Step 3

The next approach is disabling it from Registry. This choice is for superior. Change the cost incorrectly can motive capacity harm to Computer be very careful.

Go to Start and type in Regedit. Then let’s make a backup of the Registry.

Click "Computer" then Go to File > Export > type the File name as Registry lower back and click on Save.

Under Addins key, you’ll discover the listing of add-ins. To dispose of the virtually highlight the only Right Click on it and Delete.

To disable it quickly on the Right facet Pane you’ll discover a Value referred to as "Load Behavior" double-click on it and exchange the Value facts from "three" to "0" Click OK.

Once you do this close the Registry and open Outlook and take a look at it.

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